Got played Write articles to get free gold membership

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    What about Bob
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  • View author's info posted on Nov 27, 2006 21:55

    Big mistake Bob. That is one of the rules I have leared on the on-line dating thing. Belive the post of other warning you, a lot of them (sending money ones) are just out to take your money. I am sorry you lost your money.
  • View author's info posted on Nov 01, 2006 16:40

    When you send money over seas. you are just loosing it. It is a scam played by many people over seas. They tell you anything you want to hear. Then when they get the money, they tell you they have been robbed or they never got it. Some will even send you money VIA money order of a check saying it is good and it will be over an amount they want you to put in the bank. They tell you to only send them a certain amount and keep the rest in the bank for when they get here. then you will find out the check or money order is a fake. IF ANYONE SENDS YOU A MONEY ORDER OR A CHECK IT SHOULD HAVE A WATER MARK ON IT. THE WAY TO CHECK IT IS TO COPY IT. IT WILL SAY VOID IF IT IS COPYED IF IT IS GOOD.
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