when you receive a derogatory message out of the blue Write articles to get free gold membership

  • View author's info Author posted on Dec 24, 2013 01:36

    i am not a gold member there fore i cannot sometimes defend myself against the occasional little imp of a man that feels it necessary to tell me that i look old and i have a nasty little attitude.  i get this type of a message every so often , i just chalk it up to yet another chance to hone and practice my writing capabilities.   most of the time when an incident such as this rears its ugly head its because the nancy boy that is writing it has the worst case of blue balls he has ever known.  and to think he actually wonders why he has blue balls, its a given that when you treat ppl like your a dick and prove yourself to be a dick you dont share your dick, because its a impish little dick and no one likes a dick impishly little or not. for the really big man that thinks he is big and bad and can only pick on women then hide his profile well they must be like the impish little man that last did this to me you know who you are and now so does every one else ya little imp whom goes by the profile name of timsride how lame no thought behind that name no intellegence either. so in essence what my advise is acknowledge, have fun , and give them hell , id and i so enjoy putting them in their place. jealousy must hurt

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