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    my grandkids are missing.a 2 1/2yr old,a 5 yr.old and a 17yr.old step granddaughter, the father of her and the youngest stole them in the night ten days ago, he torments them and my daughter with almost daily contact promises to bring them home today,never does.he is unstable.hoss- 6.2 ,blk crew cut,grn eyes,350 pds,tattooed arms.45,smokes.jj-17-girl,hazel eyes.brn wavy hair, 150+pds.5ft2 . trevor aka tbone -boy-65 pds.46inches,5 yrs,gorgeous brn,long lashed eyes.dark crew motorcycles-ride sidecar with me!packs dragon egg and dinosour toys,very animated.has asthma. abbigail aka abby or abba-girl-30pds,3 ft. 2 1/2 yrs,long blonde hair,smiles alot,packs a baby doll. they are moving! have traded vehicles ,we know not what they are driving in.they are campin,sleepin in the vehicle.somewhere/anywhere.motel 6/8,koa,road side,
    possibles are idaho,texas,mossouri/kentucky.tenness. their mother has a protective order to be served with immediate return.. law wont search till he is served. kids ok but he could get weird!and that could change.please look for them when your on the road. the kids were happy here, after cancer surgery i began sittin for them while mom works. they were not in an abusive or unstable home.i am clean n sober. their father was pissed and he took them to hurt mom n show her he is in control!! because she was done with the marriage.they sound more unhappy every day and want to come home.
    i am gonna hit the road in a day 0r two.i will serve him the papers! i will find him or die trying..i need some paperwork,bike brakes and to sell somethings and ask for donations for gas . i am asking anyone that may have a spare bed,couch or yard space to contact me.i have cancer and a bad back,i love a safe place to rest.have greatfuldead live sets and someleather items to sell.please send this notice to anyone on your email list.or mc sites.please! and keep them/us in your prayers.i would do this for yours, help me do it for mine please!
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    Gypsy girl, I am almost in your back yard. I have moved. In No. Idaho now. Do you still have me plugged in to your cellphone? Give me a call, g/f.
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