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    Here's my own point of view, based on a truism I overheard the other day....

    Men (here and elsewhere) aren't really afraid of commitment, nor of a relationship.

    What they are afraid of is getting into a bad relationship or commitment situation.

    The reason? The cost to them (emotionally and otherwise, depending on the situation) from the time it starts going bad until it is over.

    Show us who you really are (you know, the person you turn into after a couple months in, or after the ring goes on) up front, just as you want us to do, so we can have the information we need to make the decision.
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    I know what you feel like, during the divorce proceedings my ex kept saying "I still love you" even though she had a boyfriend.
    God gave man only enough blood to think or have an erect penis. Man cannot do both at the same time.
    I am currently in a realtionship, and in the back of my mind I wonder if it will fail.
    I have asked many a women with her own motorcycle, I am up front about my relationship. 99.9% will NOT ride with me! Why? It is because they think I want something else!!
    Relationships fail because of lack of communication, trust, and most of all the couple are not friends, only lovers.
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    Wow I hear ya darlin. It is a two way street for us gals that have our act together and own our own stuff too. I think we all worry about hooking up with mister wonderful and a month goes by and he no longer sends flowers let alone get off the couch to say hello.
    And we certainly dont want to risk someone taking half of what we have accumulated and worked so hard to earn. So the answer is to not settle for anyone that comes to the table with less then yourself. Not shallow just a realist.
  • View author's info posted on Dec 14, 2008 12:55

    Falcon, I totally understand what you're saying. And none of us wants to get into a bad relationship. But we have to use our instincts and life experience to help evaluate whether or not this person is the right one. Don't ignore the flags. You know what you want and don't stop til you find it. And NEVER EVER settle for someone less!
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