Iron Butt Rides.......1000km (600 miles) in 24 hours Sports and travel Forward to friends

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    While i was in the navy we used to do iron butt runs arround the island os Luzon in the Philippines, we had RUSH, Subic Bay Road Runners, the AF clubs riders from the embassy and the local riders it was fantastic. Plus we also has 2 pickups to haul in the unhealthy bikes
    anything left unattended disappered
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    A thousand miles in twenty four hours is a lot. But it's not impossible, its just another goal. I've done it but never in in a way to qualify for Iron Butt Association status. I'm too lazy to worry about qualifying. You need forms signed by witnesses, dates and times on gas receipts - that type of thing. It just sounds like too much work. When I go on a trip, I just want to travel, not keep score. Some days are long and some days are short, but they all go according to my dictates. Which is one reason I often travel alone -no compromises. Except, of course for weather and road conditions. The weather can take a lot out of you. But you've found that out riding through the rain. Rain, snow, even riding through Chicago on the Dan Ryan Xway while some guy in a truck keeps trying repeatedly to take over your lane, heck, takin' your space! It all adds up to making you a better rider.
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