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    That was a pain in the asz. I had problems with 4th gear seal but I did replace the mainshaft seal. I kept a McDonalds tray under it & then pour it back in.I think there was a Honda seal that worked tho it was a long time ago but Junker @ Zaidels shop in East San Diego always had some of those tricks.
    Also 450 Honda exaust gaskets I think worked on my Shovel,they were copper crush ones.
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  • View author's info Posted on Dec 01, 2005 at 11:42 AM

    my 98 sporty doesn't leak anything anywhere so I can't help you there. Glad someone spoke up about the recall. Any bad news about the 2005/2006 Duece softtail?
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 01, 2005 at 04:20 AM

    LowRiderGhost write:
    While I haven't yet had the opportunity to change my current 2005 FXDL's Intake / Exhaust system, I've had a lot of good experience using the Python II Dual Exhaust (Tapered-Style) on my previous (Shovelhead) FXS/FXSB Low-Riders. After going through the usual amount (just as everyone does) of Drag Pipes (with and without baffles) and/or Headers / Mufflers / Air-Cleaners / Jetting / etc., the Pythons seemed to be best overall, with the least amount of headaches! Using standard jetting (as confirmed correct after a series of 'plug color checks' - old school routine) the Python II's did actually improve both performance and gas mileage - sounded better but were still within 'legal' sound levels (at the time). These were one-piece seamless assemblies without a crossover tube, and had 'Anti-Reversionary' baffling added up inside the headers themselves.

    Now the current manufacturer (LeMans Corporation) is touting their latest Python III models. Look about the same to me (just at a much higher price of course!). No more mention of the previous Anti-Reversionary feature (and these do include a 'hidden' crossover) - so whether or not these will work as good on the single and twin-cam Blockheads as they did on the Shovelheads remain to be seen. But as I'm a believer in 'going with the devil you know' no doubt I'll probably be trying out a pair of these new ones in the future ('goodie fund' allowing!).


    Hey Ghost, I ride a newer FXDX, 2004. Mines injected.
    I went to RB Racing 2 into 1 exhaust. If you haven't seen them or heard of them, check out their website. A lot of information there about many motorcycle upgrades.
    I opened my intake with a simple round exposed filter element from a company called Crossover in Somerset, WI. ,It's called the Maliair and they also have a website.
    This exhaust/intake combo works wonders on my stock, (so far, I'll rebuild it if it blows), twin cam 88.

    I also elected to go with a Revtec Fuel Optimizer that adjusts the amount of fuel into the system as I ask for it, (read: twist the grip)

    This thing stays in tune. I got the same mileage at sea level as I got at 11,000 feet without any adjustments on my part.

    I gotta admit, it ain't old school where I do all the work myself anymore, but I still change my own fluids and tighten loose nuts and bolts. Your set-up sounds good. And you're right, the new and inproved version is better than last years new and improved version. They get rich, we have fun riding.

    Ride Safe
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  • View author's info Posted on Nov 25, 2005 at 04:51 AM

    No problem LRG. I did test ride the new 06 street bobber. For some reason I like my 04 superglide FXDI better.. the idea of an extra gear with the 6 speed does sound like a good idea...although Dave in another post said it's not a big deal. I do about 15000 a year and a lot of it is highway ..gettin to where I'm goin...I even rode to your neck of the woods in August on the Dyna. I stayed in hill city though..
    What are you running for pipes...I made a mistake last winter by adding HP air but taking a deal on harley HP slip-ons. Even the screamin eagle slips don't sound that great to me.. after the snow starts stickin I'm changing to a full exhause and I'm taking a ah..survey now. Will I have to have it remapped for the new exhaust? Dealer says yes...surprise.
  • View author's info Posted on Nov 24, 2005 at 08:10 AM

    Harley-Davidson Recalls 13,400 Motorcycles

    AFP / Getty
    The motorcycles in question could unexpectedly go into first or second gear, the company says.

    MILWAUKEE (Nov. 23) - Harley-Davidson Inc. issued a voluntary safety recall on 2006 model Dyna series motorcycles built between June 9 and Oct. 19 due to a transmission defect.

    The company said late Tuesday the recall affects some 13,400 motorcycles and is expected to cost less than $5 million, which it will make reservations for in the fourth quarter.

    Harley-Davidson also said it expects to meet its previously announced wholesale shipment target of 329,000 motorcycles for 2005.

    The Milwaukee-based company said it will provide owners with free pickup and delivery and will make recall kits, which include three redesigned transmission components, available at dealerships starting the week of Dec. 12.

    The defect may allow the motorcycles to go into a false neutral position even though the neutral indicator light is illuminated, it said.


    "If that happens, the transmission could engage into first or second gear unexpectedly," Harley-Davidson spokesman Bob Klein said Wednesday.

    Two accidents related to the problem were reported, but none resulted in injury, Klein said.

    The defect resulted from a design flaw in the six-speed transmission, which replaced the five-speed on the Dyna to make for a smoother ride at highway speeds and increase fuel efficiency, Klein said.

    The redesign also resulted in a change to the front forks, chassis and a wider rear tire.

    Shipments of the 2006 Dyna had been delayed but resumed after a change to production, he said.
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    I always thought of the oil drip as a scooter markin' its territory. Kinda like a dog that prances around everywhere in the neighborhood and leaves it's mark.
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    I think what caused the leak was the bushing in the out put shaft would wear a little and then the shaft would eat the seal up....At one time the "fix" was to put late model roller bearings in the output shaft instead of the bushing...I never did because i was afraid of eating up the shaft....JERRY
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