Enlighten me...what does OPEN MINDED mean here? Relationship

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    Too damn funny! My definition of open minded is "willing to try new things and able to accept others' differences".

    Not sure if thats what you're looking for, but its my 2 cents worth!!!
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    Or, yer brain has a bad leak. RX:Tilt head sideways to the left and to the right and check for leakage, rattling is OK tho
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    Guess that would depend on where you keep your brain.

    Over the neck line? Or under the belt line?

    Most folks, when their passion or emotion rises just tend to forget that God gave us 2 ears and just 1 mouth for a reason...

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    It means you have had brain surgery at least once with no success at changing your personality.


    It means you do not hold the childish belief that you have a right to not be offended and that others who are different from your thoughts, opinions, comments, lifestyle, beliefs, religious preference and philosophic ideals should be tortured, tormented, jailed or killed as necessary to prevent your conceptual ideas of the universe life and everything from being challenged or offended.
    You recognize the humanity of all and this mentally blistering mystery of life that no one has the answers and some are a little better at guiding than others and those who most deeply offend and anger you are probably your best scouts to uncovering a single shimmering glimpse of you.

    and if I have enlightened you please forgive me for failing you.
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