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    Do You Matter?

    Others blessed by your caring soul.
    Never doubting your life was whole.

    Loving everyone with your best.
    Mending Hearts no time to rest.

    You presence there was a given.
    Never with agendas hidden.

    Life?s train has jumped its track.
    Your spirit rises with grace and tack.

    Keeping it together, head up high.
    Each day passes with a sigh.

    Compassion from others is what need.
    Asking for help, no appearance of greed.

    Giving to all your tender care.
    Needing it back, but no one?s there.

    A compassionate heart is your grace.
    This time of need alone to face.

    Always loved with what you knew.
    That it was wrong is news to you.

    This might be one joke in life.
    Cutting your heart like a knife.

    Your fragile spirit, a wounded dove.
    Quietly praying for someone to love.

    The time will come for the latter.
    One step at a time, you do matter.

    Keep your faith when you're down to nothing.
    For God is always up to something.

    Written by CajunCowgirl
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  • View author's info Posted on Mar 16, 2007 at 09:28 AM

    How true and so beuitfully written.
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