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    "For this reason, I would suggest a Carlini torque arm for insurance purposes. (This is especially needed if you are making 75hp or more.) "

    Any of the FLs can have this issue to. The Carlini Race Brace aint a bad idea ($300.00 or so). Typically though, the inner primary is not the problem with that torque transfer.

    Usually tranny bolts snap first.... and then, once that thranny can lift a bit from the mounting plates, the two outside inner primary bolts (right up front near yer shifter) can snap out too since your tranny raising is now twisiting your entire inner primary around where it mounts to your engine case.

    None of this is good, but it is the stuf that some folks who like to hop up their engines without thinking about dynamics have to deal with.

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    NORTY write:
    The previous posts have talked about the suspenders and frame geometry.
    I'd like to touch on the engine/tranny combo.
    The Dyna has a rubber mounted engine. Having a rubber mounted engine puts engine torque stress on the chaincase inner & outer housings. For this reason, I would suggest a Carlini torque arm for insurance purposes. (This is especially needed if you are making 75hp or more.)

    The softail has a "rigid" mounted engine (and the newer ones have a counter balancer) to quell the vibes.
    The softail can handle add'l power without the torque arm since the frame is connecting the engine to the tranny.

    The Dyna line gets "no respect" guess the V-ROD gets NO respect! The Dynas really are capable bikes. I know, I've had one for 11 years.

    Wanna hear a funny one?
    I read on the AP news today that Honda has come out with a airbag equipt Goldwing for release in 2006.
    Dayum, last year they came out with the auto-wave-back button.
    Whats next?

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    I just sold my '90 fxr and replaced it with an '06 FXDI.
    The rear shocks make a huge difference after a 500 mile day trip.
    Sure, Soft Tails look old school rigid, but, I'm out to ride...and then be able to walk away from the bike standing straight! LOL
    Good luck with your decision.
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    I am on a dyna WG.. Have to say that it is probably the best handling bike I ever had..the forwrd contols are very nice for the long ride...the weight to power ratio is realy nice.. and yeah ya gotta love the way the bike looks ...especially when coming down the road at ya...
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    though this would stir a few more heated discusions even the comment on the v-rod didn't get a bite personaly i would not be without my trusty softail 7 deg over stock rake 4" over FLH front + 3" foward controls she the sh#t baby
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    Softails have a few bonuses. Primarily better looks. (I like a fat bike). BUT, the rear shocks are almost always lowered for folks. My son's was, and with that lower frame you can catch the frame and... well... a few broken ribs later and some road rash.... Also, when the shock arms are just extended out, you lose a bit of the spring in the shocks and the bike rides a bit harder. You can get a Progressive kit though to make this easier and give a wider range of shock.

    Dyna's are nice, but they are a bit more top center of gravity. Also, if you do the dyna, I think Low Rider with the center controls is not as convenient as the Wide Glide's forward controls. I do find that the wide glide front end is a nice one though, and seems a gentler ride than the fat boy front end (FLH front end without the air shocks).

    If you are unsure about which over wich, I would suggest looking at a deuce. It is basically a fat boy with a dyna front end. Harley makes most of their "novelty bikes" out of deuces. Night Train, and the old Bad Boy from the 90s.

    If you want to know anything more... let me know. I have a Fat Boy (Softail) and I have a custom rigid with the dyna front. They all have their good points...

    BUT, I just turned 65,000 miles on my favorite.. my lightly stripped down Electraglide Classic. Got to love a bagger on the long rides... and the fairing/stereo/windshield is sweet....

    Just a few words for you to ponder.
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    no i was talkin harleys
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