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    Oh man, I hate to admit to being a girly girl.......I love to quilt and crochet. Yep, sat at my grandmothers knee too long. Flea markets and antique shows are big for me too.

    Oh g*d there goes my witchy biker girl image......
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    Thunder - couldn't agree with you more. I am a HUGE blues fan and would go almost anywhere to listen to it. I've known that others had this passion as strong as I do but they are hard to find in my parts. It's nice to meet another lady that shares this with me.

    Speedy - Very interesting stuff there.
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    I like electronics, that's what's wrong with me, I'm FRIED. For years I played with CB Radios and Big Amplifiers talking around the world, graduated to Ham radios. For the last ten years been actively involved with Amateur Radio Emergency Services, we have stations at hospitals, police, shelters, Red Cross headquarters and the Emergency Operations Center. Every county in America has an A.R.E.S. group like us, volunteer's to assist communications for search & Rescue, disasters and anything else, hurricanes keep us busy here. I'm centrally located in my area and relay messages between all our locations during storms. We work with every National Weather Service location as well because they can't see a Tornado with Doppler Radar, they can tell when conditions are favorable then call us to physically look for and relay back to them locations and directions for warnings.
    Got a few radio control race cars too, been racing them half my life, they have come a long way.
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