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    sierra thunder i have necer wrote in one of the things but talking about a real biker ...u are right ... i been a biker all my life and love everthing about it .. been a backrest and a rider for 21 years now and well be one to the day i stop breathing ... but just want to say .. we think alike that is all..
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    HMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNN! I'm not really sure if I'm a biker or not!:):)

    But I ride a lot, haven't owned a car in five years, have bought two brand new road bikes since 1988, three used ones, one of which I still have, since 1978 . . .

    Have two nice leather jackets(brown), one for winter, one for summer, and a black leather one that looks like like a "biker jacket" the kind yu see in the movies that isn't worth crap. It is the heaviest by far, but I would freeze to death in the winter, burn up in the summer, and get soaked riding in the rain. It "looks good", but . . . .:(:(

    Have had money, been broke, had a house, now have an ex-house, been a white collar to a zero collar worker, STILL haven't learmed to keep my mouth shut when I see things that are WRONG, especially on the job; fired three times because of this trait.

    I don't "live to ride", but I sure have fun while I'm riding, and I'll continue to ride as long as I can handle a bike.

    Stumbled upon my first bike rally last year in the Ozarks, found the bikers to be the friendliest people I've ever met.

    Am I a biker or do I just ride?? I await your opinions!

    cmbiker 2005
    1985 Yahama Maxim X
    2004 Kawaski Concours
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    Sierra..I'm gonna have to think about my reply to you long and hard! What you've said here is NOT written in stone, Man! I'm one of these folks that post and post often! This is a great place to "release" from Real Life..I'll be back! Angel
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