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    Hey there everyone! I am new to the site and to the MS area. Well, I actually moved here last year, but have been gone. I recently made the jump from the back of the bike to the front. Am riding a borrowed bike for now till I find that right one. Kind of taking my time in finding one. Have the idea that I need to choose my bike like I would choose a man, slow and careful.

    Anyway, I am a full member and would love to find some people to in my area to ride on the weekends with. As riding buddies, I don't care if married or not, go ahead and bring the wife or hubby. As for maybe future partners, read my profile you will see what I want.

    BTW, if someone would look at my profile and tell me if it is OK or not that would be great. I am kind of new to all this on-line meeting people thing and could use a few tips!


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  • View author's info Posted on Sep 04, 2007 at 04:34 PM

    HI sand! i am in olive branch,if you didnt know it already natchez trace parkway is a great ride, profile is fine, but what is PGR? or am i just dumb?
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