Would you go back to your ex? Relationship

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    nope once a cheater always a cheater plus shes a narcisistic Sociopath cold to the core 

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    Go back to what?????  A man who didn't even have the balls to let me know when he started becoming unenamored with being married, who waited until 1 week after out 15th wedding anniversary to tell me he no longer wanted to live with me (over the phone no less!!), and I had absolutely no clue anything was wrong???!!!!  A man who said he had been feeling this way for over 6 years but never told me because he didn't want to hurt my feelings???  Yeah, right..... Ain't a chance in this or any other world that will ever even be a thought in my breath or mind!!!  Took me quite some time to recover my sanity after that one.....
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    Why would ANYONE want to "go back?" There's no future in going back! Nope, just remember the good times but don't forget why he/she is now an "ex."
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    Just got dumped by my "ex" who went back to his ex who he swore he couldn't stand but wanted to be with me the rest of his life. It really stings.

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    i just threw a little thinking about it
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    No way. To much water under the bridge.
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    I have a great friendship with my X too. Mostly we are buisness partners like no other united we stand divided we fall too much money out there to make and i am a money makin fool and he has the parts I am missing. but he remarried I still haven't dated Nov 22 2003. I think I am Ready.
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    Hell no !!!!!!!!!!! When you take out the trash do you bring it back in???? Remember, why it went wrong in the first place...
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    Ex-boyfriend, yes, in a heartbeat... Unfortunately his WIFE wouldn't like that very much.

    Ex-husband, not only NO but HELL NO. Freakin' crazy fruitloop...and his nutso fruitcake family.....He remarried about 1 1/2 yrs ago and I, too, just feel for his new wife. Since they've been married he's already been in rehab (at least) 3 times. But, hey, better her than me....Been there, rode that ride and got off...for good!!! Nuh uh...no way!!!!!
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    I would take mine back in a heartbeat if he could show me that he could love me unconditionally. There has been alot of hurt but forgiveness goes a long ways.
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    After What my Future Exwife has done HELL NO! After being gone for Less then 1 Month she allready had someone Living with her in our bed. So much Time with her wasted over 9 Years. Atleast im only 33.
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    I cant imagine going back to a failed relationship! That said...

    My man would probably go back to his ex in a heartbeat if she would have him. It is disturbing! I didnt realize he was still 'in love' with her when we got together 3 years ago. She was with someone else, but he was killed a year ago and everything changed. Up until then I thought he loved me with his whole heart...now I dont have a clue what to think.

    Anyway....She hates him...LOL! Why would he want to go back to someone who thinks he is stupid, worthless, and wont become anything she wants?
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    I've tried, but once the damage is done it's done, life is to short to keep wasting time and playing games
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    The day I left, he knew where I went.
    He called me and said you made your
    decision, I said yes. He said you know
    you can't come back. I said I don't ever want too. That was that and he is
    remarried and happy. I just feel sorry
    for the second wife. She must be a saint. The grass was greener over the
    fence. Or is that the septic tank!!!
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    i have in the past,but realise its never going to get better,so the answer would be no,whats the point of always stepping
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    I already did, with much more realistic expectations. We had laughed, cried, rode, played, made love, travelled...blah, blah, blah.

    For the slim possibility we tried. She is a Disabled Vet and I'm still in for a few more years.

    But fate was not there for us. We are close friends but live 1600 miles apart. I wish the best for her and she hope I can find somebody special. It's not very often you get such a friendship on this side of divorce.
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    NO WAY. Why in the heck after leaving the first time would it would work a second. In the state of Pa. a couple gets married, have children, have a house, dog, cat, and then they get divorced, the woman gets alimony, child support, half the house, half the pention, meanwhile she gets a boyfriend, he helps her and the poor husband doesn't have gas money to go for a ride, so why in the H would any guy wana do it again.
  • View author's info posted on Oct 10, 2008 15:59

    I have to agree w/you: if it didn't work the first time, it likely won't the second. I always had a cardinal rule of no going back until my ex...I gave him a second chance after 2 years; I still hadn't met anyone I had that chemistry with...guess what? He broke my heart again...He won't get a third shot.
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    I still love my ex. He is a hard act to follow. We were true friends. Had more fun and laughs than most experience in a life time, and trusted each other heart and soul. Our families
    got along, and our hobbies were simular, even though occaisionally enjoyed at different times. Our sex life was adventurous....we have been in the "mile high" club at least five times...and those were some of the least interesting, adventurous, fun times we had.... Don't get me wrong,
    they WERE all fun! We had lots of friends, and I have to admit I have never been "light hearted" and consistantly happy since my divorce, like I was with Richard! Why did we divorce? I was lonely. My Ex did not like touch...
    never did. He would sleep above the top sheet so there was an anti-snuggle barrier...or if I was cuddling in my sleep too much, he'd climb into a sleeping bag. I was lonely, didn't want to ever cheat, and so I hope a pending divorce would fix things...but he said OK to it, but only after he tried. Holding hands still "hurt", putting his arm around me was "uncomfortable", my
    arm draped across his chest as we were laying prone weighed as much as "six bowling balls", and my head weighed "a ton". I was lonely.
    I do miss the light heart...it nevers stays around...but I keep looking for a good match. someone who can be both my friend, lover, and IN LOVE with me. I would take Richard back if he was the same man. I have never stopped loving him. I pity him and his loss of himself, and the hobbies he enjoyed most, because he was fooled into marrying a repressive
    w(b)itch who won't even let him spend time with his family. If he ever became single again, I'd be first in line....and his sister, brother-in-law and Mother all know to tell me. I miss them, and they miss me. YES! I would go back to my Ex!!! I even remember enjoying Saturday mornings, watching Shining Time Station...back when George Carlin was the Station Master...just laying together in bed...and we didn't even have kids... It was cozy and pleasant!

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