Most Embarrassing Moment Of Your Life? Friends

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    alright Robby...what did you do to piss off mrbadboy?
    This is too funny....

    I'm planning on getting together with peeps to go to Super Sunday on 7/9...clear your calendar...also the blues festival in Riverhead is 7/7 & 7/8....GET TIME OFF
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    paula1962 write:
    ..I hear they have asupport group for that, "men who love Paula's and can't get past it" I have the 800 # if you want it. hahahaha
    You have an 800#? Dayum, the one you gave me before was a 900#. Cost me a fortune trying to get in touch with you.
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    I'd guess mine would have to be way back in the 80's....the good ol days of "big hair" Well, one night I was going out to a club & decided that my "big hair" was just not big enough...had a friend attach this really long extension, which looked very cool. Anyway, I ran into this guy that I hadn't seen in a long time...we were talking, hitting it off....when all of a sudden, this other guy walked passed me & his watch got caught in my hair extension...pulling the damn thing completely off! Talk about embarrasing....I think I
  • View author's info posted on May 25, 2006 10:07

    LOL! One that comes to mind is one winter night when I was in my late teens, dating this older chick, we were out "parking" in this remote area, with the car runnning to keep us warm. The car ran out of gas while we were in the back seat. Had to call my older brother to bring me some gas. He busted my chops for years! She just thought I was a dumbass...didnt stop her from seeing me though! LOL!
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    paula1962 write:
    Rescue1 write:
    SeminoleSlim write:
    Rescue1 write:
    Come on, don't be shy. Inquire'ing minds want to know. There are too many to list. One would have to be getting caught on the livingroom couch(doggiestyle)with my high school sweetheart by my Mother. Mom was really pissed, Dad thought it was funny. P.S.
    Girlfriend never came over to my house again.

    oh yea? that's what you think. she was there every Tues and Thurs. your Dad was doing her. lmao..

    Thought I heard my bed sqeekin' when I wasn't in it.

    Slim, honey, can you get any worse?? Boy you must be a handful (I just gave you that one, have at it)

    i'm the bad boy all you women say you want - until you get me and realize you can't change me. been thrown away by more than one good woman who couldn't handle crazy a$$.

    but maybe there is a special woman out there somewhere that can tame me. somewhere.

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    Mine was simple. Many years ago, I was defending someone in the county of Ohio. PD work.

    I was so transfixing... every juror was eating out of my hand... they COULD NOT take their eyes off of me. I was in my head thinking "OMG, I have this so in the bag..."

    Then reality. After I finished my inspiring closing argument and sat down, I realized I had zipped my shirt tail in my zipper after using the head. So the three or so inches of white cotton sticking out of my suit pants... well...

    Lets just say the jury prolly did not hear one damn word I said. They were sitting there transfixed on when this "dumb-azz" was going to realize that he looked like a dork!!!

    Client convicted to 3 years...
    Me... convicted to about 12 drinks, a good puking, and moving ahead...

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