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    hi everyone
    I dont know, but feel sure, that most people will agree with me when i say this . The 'ticking boxes' thing on dating sites !!! , When i first decided to have a go at using the internet to look for a date i felt decidedly weird , like i was a sad, socially inept person who couldnt make freinds in the normal way. Whilst I knew this was not true and that the reason i was looking was soley because, being an older single woman all my friends are married or loved up ,not that one precludes the other of course, lol, therefore although i am happy with my own company & in the company of my
    friends it would be nice to occasionally have someone to hang out with .
    I stumbled across bikerkiss & thought hey thats the one for me. Its a great way of expanding ones circle of friends & obviously we would already have an interest in bikes in common.
    The only thing i dont like is the ' ticking boxes'.
    I know that you can then write in your own words what you are looking for , what you are like, etc etc but how do you write about yourself? in all honesty? if you were a mad axe wielding, psychopathic, wart covered gnome with no sense of humour , you would be hardly likely to say so !!! on the other hand if you say you are attractive & warm with GSOH looking for genuine people ,well 2 be honest that sounds frankly boring & slightly arrogant.So its a dilema & when faced with the boxes we all just tick away merrily, indicating our income,height,hair colour,&how many offspring we have,as if this will give an accurate idea of who we are.Then theres the photo! another quandry,last years holiday photo or the one taken on a bad hair day smiling like an idiot ??At the end of the day we can all chat on line for hours exchanging details & having a laugh but when it boils down to it its all down 2 that elusive quality, chemistry !& that only happens when you meet.Yes internet datin is great fun ,but remember it isnt just about ticking boxes. Happy & safe dating 2 all!
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    Hey, we mad axe wielding, psychopathic, wart covered gnomes need lovin too!
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