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    Who is the one person that has influenced you or taught you the most?

    Mine is my 95 year old grandmother "GG"
    She is 95 still lives alone good health and walks a mile a day. I hope I have her genes LOL

    She has always given me good advice and at times even if she didn't like my choices she would support them and if they turned out bad, she would give me a hug and say life is about lessons and we each learn in a different way. She is a true southern bell and the person I admire most.

    She is also probably one of the funniest women that I have ever known so of her one liners are

    Big nose big hose LOL probably my favorite shocking coming from an older woman

    She is also the one that has taught me to live life to the fullest she has always said grab life by the horns and live it to the fullest you will have plenty of time to rest when you are dead.

    She is an amazing woman and very thankful that I still have her here to give advice and make me laugh
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    Unfortunately, Softail, that is who the little Maggot looks up to and obviously she taught him the most. If you think he is WEIRD, think about how weird his Sister must be.
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    yes one was my older sister want to drive my bike so i was sit back on her while my tool was slip between her arounded butt crack line in ...when she was slow slow move i so great feel ..that day i never forget in my life ...
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    nice topic.....it would be my parents....now that they are gone, i never really understood their love for me....i did some pretty bad

    things when i was younger and got into alot of trouble (thank-god they closed reform schools), but through it all, they loved unconditional and were so strong and never were afraid to show their love..............i'll be honest-they stood bye me thru drugs, etoh, ect.........never once put me down or abandoned me......they had the strength to let me fall, hard i might add, but when i was ready to pick myself back up they were there 100%....they wouldn't do it for me, made me do it on my own, but were in my corner all the way, and were there for the asking....how do we ever thank people like that.....maybe to just pass that love on i guess....
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    Same here Char... My Dad.... He is still here with us and one of the few men I can look at and say, " Here is a man of Honor." My Grandma,sweet, short and a Swede yet, comes in a close second. What is it about Grandma's who pinch your chubby little cheeks? And just love you to death... My Dad's Mother by the way.
    My grade school music teacher had a huge inpact on my life. Thanks for the sanity.

    Then there is my X..........
    I forgive him, my kids forgave him.... May God do the same........
    Those who have been there... We do not forget... for it is our safty into the future....

    The people who do good in our lives we treasure til we are gone. They bring us hope, they uplift our souls, they are our very own angels here on earth.
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    My hero was my pop...He loved me unconditionally...He sat me a fine example. He spoke his words to me and although they were not always appreciated at the time they have come back to me many many times now. I find myself saying, 'my pop said...'
    He taught me to have self-respect. That I was as good as anyone. That I could be and do anything that I wanted to. That anything worthwhile is worth working for..and waiting for if necessary. That my reputation was the most important thing to guard b/c it would follow me all my life. That my health was precious b/c it could not be bought. Not to feel sorry for myself, b/c there is someone around the corner that is worse off. If I had to give freely. To treat everyone as I would want to be treated. Never to make fun of anyone b/c it's only b/c the Grace of God that it isn't me.
    I could go on and on....he was a fine man. The only father that my late husband ever had and he loved him as much as I did.
    They both await me...and I look forward to the day I can join them and my dear and only brother. Until then they watch over me and give me nudges..lol
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    Oh! Sorry, you asked for the one person.
    I don't have that.
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    I was a street kid. Hated school hated church, I think I hated things back then, just to hate. But I did have my heroes. Just everyday people, an older kid in the neighborhood that shared his knowledge and also took the training wheels off when I was able to go. Chick, the garage mechanic, kind of looked like Dean Martin but had arms like Mr.Universe. Gave a street kid a job and taught him secrets of motors, and life others would envy.
    Merf the Surf showed me the world and it's secrets are only a library card away. Taught me "why" reading was good, on the sands of miami beach.
    Ken Bailey station owner, gave me my second job, took a chance on a hot rod,motorcycle street punk. Taught me more than just how to change a tire the old way(with tire Irons). Gave me integrity and respect for myself. Provided trust in me to open and close and handle large somes of money.
    Now one or some here as adults may have fallen from the worlds view as whats good. Maybe some had weeknesses such as drinking. But all was able to look past what I was trying to project saw something within me the true me and was able to show me, no matter what I was good hearted and had worth.
    Oh one more thing, they all gave me the ability to "see". The knowlegde of how an adult is suposed to act when a kid is in trouble.
    Rest In Peace
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