Carlos Mencia and the DEE DEE DEE Romance Forward to friends

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    I was watching Carlos Mencia the other night, and he made a very valid point. He said a woman asked him why all men were assholes. He said "because all you women want assholes". Here's his reasoning: He picked a guy out of the audience who was dressed very nicely, conservatively, and asked him if he had a woman. The guy says "I'm gay". LOL Of course Carlos laughed his ass off, and so did the audience. Then he went on to say "see ladies?" "This is what happens to the nice guys." "You all say that you want a sensative guy, a nice guy, someone you can talk to and who will listen to you." "Well, those guys are all gay!" Then he went on to say something that I've noticed since I was little. Women like the bad boy type. They want someone who's a man's man, who will throw them down on the bed and make passionate love to them. Someone who can protect them. I've always been a "nice guy", someone who knows how to throw a woman down on the bed when she needs it, but at the same time will pull out a chair, open a door, and write romantic things to my lady. Where has that gotten me? DEE DEE DEE!! I have had a few sensational women in my life, but lately I've been striking out. So prove it to me. If there are some women out there who truly want the bad boy look with the nice guy inside, drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you.


    P.S. I love that little beaner...he's just too damn funny.
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    I find the Beaner very funny.
    It is I that would like to be thrown down on the bed and have love made to,
    have my door opened for me (I can open my own door, thanks)and have romantic things said and written to me. I am fortunate to say "I have found this woman and that I am not going to let her go because there are not many out there."
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