Anyone around southern Ohio? Relationship

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    Done a search on bike forums, and this came up. Looking to find and meet new people in my area that enjoy the ride factor as much as I do. If anyone is around the area, let me know.
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    Wish I would have gotten on the computer more often, and we might have been able to meet and go on a ride. I know not all of them ride Harleys, but I am pretty sure that you have to have one, once you are a full member. You don't have to ride it, just have to own one. I know they were trying to make it that way when my dad was in there, which was one of the reasons that he left. Trying to make people have certain things to just be in a motorcycle club, is kinda retarded. Hope to hear from you soon.
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    Luv2ridemytrike write:
    "Glam" & "Rich people" are we speaking about the same area honey??!! Cuz the last time I was there a year ago..neither of those words could remotely be used in the same sentence with Portsmouth. Have you ever lived away from there?
    I've been to PMC...I've never seen anything but plan ole down to earth biker folk, riding what ever they could afford.
    What ever...I just thought it would have been nice to correspond with someone from "back home".

    I believe that one of the "by laws" once you are an actual member, is that you have to have a Harley, or british made bike now. They are a great group of guys, don't get me wrong, but other than to ride with, and visit the few that I have grown up with my whole life is all that I do over there. The club has its "clicks" if you will, and most don't sotiate with the others outside of it. When my dad was a member, they were trying to convert the whole thing, and were making meeting and such mandatory, no matter if you worked or not. It drove a lot of people to turn in thier "rags" and go else where.

    Come to mention it though, I think they should be having a run soon. Might have to ride it for the last run of the year.
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    No, I am not going to the "bash." I have been around P.M.C. all my life, along with the others in this area. My dad was a member when they first started as a motorcycle club when there was only 13 original members. They have since blossomed to a "glammor" club in my opinion. To many rich people that just want to be in a club.
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