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    In the time before time when everything was nothing, what was to become the entire universe existed entirely compressed into an area no larger than the tip of a needle. Within this super-compacted realm, all matter and energy fit snugly within itself, content as one. Every force and every bit of energy was perfectly balanced out with it?s corresponding equal. For every plus there was a minus, for every yin there was a yang. Perfectly nested together, these couplings combined in harmony to form a world in equilibrium. All was as it should be?

    However, Nature abhors a vacuum. Equilibrium within strives for equilibrium with?what isn?t. Thus the violent, cosmic birth which came to be known as The Big Bang. The cataclysmic beginning of what would become our universe, scattered all the expanding matter and energy in every direction, separating unions which had only known each other into the vast void of limitless space, racing apart at tremendous speed to every corner of every place there would ever be.

    Energies attracted in the swirling confusion, igniting nuclear reactions which created the stars.. Masses not dense enough to ignite coagulated to form planets and the gravitational relationship between these planets and stars set into motion a graceful ballet of rotation amongst themselves. The dance of the expanding universe into the great void.

    Still other energies existed, untold quantities of near-limitless variation. Certain energies combined with chemical compounds to form varieties of life which made homes on the celestial bodies in the great ballet.

    Still other energies existed on a different plane, devoid of the physical. These entities became conscious but, lacking a physical form, not self-aware. Thus the spirit met the body. But it was only a transient relationship. While the spirit was pure energy and could not be destroyed, the body was a finite series of chemical reactions which consumed itself over a period known as a lifetime. So it was that the spirit moved though space from body to body, traveling on a journey. A journey home. Pulled by the force of it?s primordial partner from the time before time, the two halves seek each other out through the vastness of space to become whole once again. Like they were before the beginning
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  • View author's info Posted on Apr 08, 2007 at 01:09 PM

    your powerful words just make me
    SIGH.........and feel so alone in my own little orbit...
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