Extremely Choosy Women Around Here Romance

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    Summer Diamonds! I wondered what happened to you as I have not seen you post in a while. Garland huh? What an adjustment that must be. I lived in Nac right out of the service in 75. Tended bar at the Party Center and Snoopy's for several years and rode sccots all through the Piney Woods. Will you be going back for Hawg Wild this year?
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    I know that several folks have made enough mistakes in the past that they are more "selective" in what they want in life and chose not to settle. Maybe some have been burned pretty good by the types they descibe as not wanting and it's true that we shouldn't judge other's by what has happened in the past. Some men do the same thing too.... maybe they just don't get as "wordy" about what they want or don't want.

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    mspyder write:
    I find when I'm looking at a profile and if their profile reads more than a small paragraph I stop reading. I figure they are into way to much control for me.

    Oh come on, give us a break will yea. I frigin love this site, love bikers and all that makes em so great. Look at you, what do I know about you from a few words besides you like to ride...so you like to ride does that make you "the man". You have looked at my site more than a few times, does that mean you read nothing...well hun, you missed out!

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