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    This is maybe an odd question.

    I am looking for a Swedish guy who goes or used to go to the TT in Assen (Holland).
    I met him there in 1990, (during the night of Assen,) he was driving a red motorcycle, racing model (I think it was a Yamaha, my friend says it was a Suzuki, but we are both not sure) which he bought or/and got customized in Holland. (Around Alkmaar or Zaandam)
    By now he is between 38 and 42 and his first name is Per.
    If my memory services me right, he has at least a brother and a sister (both younger) and his dad worked at a paper factory. (?!?) I believe he or his father was an engineer.

    After Assen I once saw him again when he visited me in Maassluis (in Holland, near Rotterdam and Den haag)

    I really would like to get in touch with him to clear things up that happened in the past.

    Who Kan help me???
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    Thank u for your comment and help...


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