First Date Ideas

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  • lskarvan ( 26 / W / Campbellsville, KY )

    Out on the road making stops along the way aka having a adventure

  • Eaglescout108 ( 25 / M / Barto, PA )

    Ride up to the poconos, or somewhere in the mountains and go camping or just a day ride something spontaneous

  • mustlovecycles ( 56 / W / Jackson, TN )

    Can we just skip the so called first date and call it our first outing? The word date puts to much preasure on both parties. I say ride to a favortie location have a lunch, talk about the ride and save all the getting to...  read more>>

  • seanbrock ( 38 / M / Warren, OH )

    Lets see, its a biker dating site. Screw it lets ride somewhere for dinner.

  • kalway75 ( 45 / W / Phoenix, AZ )

    Anything fun!! Something that will not be uncomfortable the first time of meeting someone new. Miniature golf, games, drive-in movie (with a few beers)

  • jantje17 ( 46 / M / Brussels, Brabant )

    no idea of where to go or what to do. It has to be fun.

  • scarygodess ( 41 / W / Denver, CO )

    go for a ride to the hills and explore

  • HeritageAndy03 ( 61 / M / Spring Hill, KS )

    Just a nice ride out away from traffic and on the backroads with no specific destination in mind.

  • sammie2005 ( 55 / W / Castle Rock, CO )

    I am a bit old-fashioned and prefer to let the man take the reins and be in charge early on (This won't last long so enjoy it). Please choose something or somewhere quiet that is conducive to good conversation and gives...  read more>>

  • GodlyBikerBabe ( 47 / W / Selmer, TN )

    Our first "date" could include eating lunch and just getting to know each other, then perhaps a short drive on our bikes on a beautiful scenic route with just the wind in our hair!!

  • toolips99 ( 59 / W / Scott City, MO )

    I think my ideal date would be taking a long leisurly afternoon riding and sightseeing. pick up lunch somewhere quaint and private , maybe stop in at a bar or antique shop. just enjoy getting to know one another and disc...  read more>>

  • MickGVegas ( 58 / M / Las Vegas, NV )

    Eggs Benedict a bloody Mary, a warm sunny day, the dead on the box and a sweetie on the back. The next curve is the goal.

  • sixinch ( 58 / M / Auburn, WA )

    Ride to woods pull over lay out blacket and lay together and explore the fun

  • sonofaharley ( 25 / M / Myerstown, PA )

    Take a bike ride somewhere....

  • Boldazzd ( 47 / M / Saint Peters, MO )

    Ride the bike up 100 North of Alton visit some wineries in Grafton, IL, share some conversation and laughs, grab some lunch along the way then slip away somewhere quiet, talk and enjoy the scenery.