Random Nighttime Activities

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  • kclynn (50W/Midlothian, TX)


    getting to know one another see if there's any sparks

  • BANDITBIG (47M/Houston, TX)


    Go for a ride for sure stop somewhere off the beaten path have some food drinks and use the time to talk about likes and dislikes expectations somewhere by the water works

  • Birdie3 (48W/Denver, CO)


    Meet at the closest sports bar...have a beer and get to know each other

  • naby77 (49W/Odessa, TX)


    Laughing hysterically and feeling the new again!

  • skinz1369 (39W/Fitchburg, MA)


    get together for a couple drinks and go from there.

  • playboi1021 (34M/Raeford, NC)


    Lunch, dinner, a movie, or a walk in the park. just depends on the how we connect.

  • breezyone (48W/La Puente, CA)


    My Ideal first date would be to meet up with thr person then get to talking alittle then if we see that things are going well then ...... WHO knows!!!

  • Bnegirl (47W/San Diego, CA)


    Meet in San Diego and ride across to Coronado and take evening pictures of the skyline. Have dinner at a restaurant and talk about photography, bikes and whatever else comes up.

  • pitkitten (32W/Staten Island, NY)


    Dinner and a drink. I like to hang out in Brooklyn, particularly Park Slope- a lot of interesting places to eat and hang out

  • Ls63563L (47W/Rutledge, MO)


    A short ride, and drink or a meal, conversation....

  • bethclark47 (48W/Springfield, OH)


    I would love to go for a nice ride. Find a nice quiet place to talk and get to know each other

  • SJSTattooMama (39W/Dubuque, IA)


    An ideal first date for me would be meeting for either lunch or dinner. Taking a little time to get to know each other, then possibly going for a ride to wherever the road takes us.

  • stonewallrider (67M/Stonewall, LA)


    dinner or maybe a nice ride, some place we can talk

  • vickywith (21W/Oslo, Oslo)


    Do something out of the ordinary ...

  • diverman157 (57M/Philadelphia, PA)


    Flowers, opening doors for the lady and holding chair. Nice intimate dinner and who know