Lunch My favorite date ideas

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  • colorblue ( 60W / Colorado Springs, CO )


    Maybe a ride together or apart, as I have my own bike but love riding on the back too.

  • abe2014 ( 48M / Hardin, TX )


    take a ride to the bitch walk sunset

  • DLRider158 ( 60M / King, NC )


    Wide open on this ... we can talk about it.

  • Devilshockey ( 52W / Belleville, NJ )


    Some where to hang and chat and good music

  • paragraph ( 54M / Tacoma, WA )


    Meet at any place you're comfortable in and share and adult beverage ,go for short ride or long one with a quiet destination to have some casual conversation and see if we share other common interest.

  • thatgirlyouneed ( 31W / West Springfield, MA )


    Dinner, lunch or museums and galleries

  • biker4him77 ( 48M / Statesboro, GA )


    Can't experience or get to know someone on a bike or at a movie. I like to ask questions and them do the same so I pick going out for lunch. You can tell a lot about someone just by looking into their eyes. I want give a  more>>

  • fever5515 ( 64M / Lebanon, IN )


    anyplace where we an talk and get acquainted and get to know each other a little

  • tnbumpkin57 ( 58W / Chuckey, TN )


    pick me up in your rusty suit of Armour . take me on a nice ride through the mountains or to a lake, grab a bite to eat. maybe stop and have a drink, let's just talk see what we have in common and go from there. not aski  more>>

  • Icecreamandsugar ( 45W / Sparta, TN )


    Meet in public for lunch and/or drinks

  • joaonova ( 42M / Grand Gorge, NY )


    Ride to a pig roast some cocktails

  • Paulawoodman21 ( 22W / Duluth, MN )


    Want to be sample we can talk more whatever you want to do we can walk around

  • Kajundragon ( 50W / Portland, OR )


    On a ride down the coast. Stopping for lunch some little dive along the road.

  • bikergal21 ( 28W / Waterlooville, England - Hampshire )


    Out on the bikes for sure. There are so many nice pubs with great menus. I do like nice food!

  • Monkey1974 ( 41W / Burlington, WI )


    Just talk and go for a walk......or go for a ride n lunch....there is where it all can begin