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  • Blackcrow ( 48 / W / Studley, England - Warwickshire )

    Something fun like a theme park or cinema with meal after.

  • greatgiverofo ( 54 / M / Surprise, AZ )

    Coffee or a drink a bit to eat.. what you in the mood for. Im game..But NOT a game player..

  • Lorrie64 ( 51 / W / Santa Paula, CA )

    Going to a movie. I don't get much time for those. Waiting a day or two waiting on a load I might be able find a theater but its no fun by yourself. It's better with someone else.

  • hondaman1971 ( 44 / M / Independence, KS )

    Long ride in the country,nice dinnerout,rent a movie and sit on the couch and cuddle while u watch

  • bigbob1963 ( 52 / M / Albuquerque, NM )

    let me pick you up on the bike and enjoy a nice dinner of you choice and then a movie

  • wolf720 ( 52 / M / Tyronza, AR )

    we can play pool or just watch a movie, we could take a moon lite walk to get to know eatch 0ther

  • HDTravis88 ( 63 / M / Alameda, CA )

    Our first date could be dinner and a movie, or lunch along the ocean, and then ride up the coast hiway. go to Santa Cruz and walk on the beach, or just go for a walk, or watch the sunset. You don't have to ride on the Ha  more>>

  • Thunder1682 ( 33 / M / Fairland, IN )

    it all depends really. maybe go for a ride or a movie . really no idea.

  • ChopperGod ( 35 / M / Round Rock, TX )

    I would say maybe dinner and a movie or what might be fun is going to the batting cages something sporty then a nice dinner just depends I would ask her what she would like.

  • strongheart2012 ( 33 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    Eat launch at the restaurant then walk down to the beach to catch some fun

  • mallory2000 ( 32 / W / Tacoma, WA )

    Well i wont really make much decission on our first date the man can a choice of anywhere.

  • aceofcakes ( 48 / W / Oak Lawn, IL )

    Movies, dinner, picnic, outdoors adventure

  • 54lildebigriffin ( 58 / W / Athens, AL )

    Let's go to a movie&dinner afterwards?

  • spraysomelove ( 49 / M / Garland, TX )

    We take a long walk at the park, also have a coffee chat as well as a walk at the beach.

  • Aurora1111 ( 37 / W / Melrose, FL )

    Dinner and then a movie, bowling or pool.