The Movies

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  • strongheart2012 ( 31W / Los Angeles, CA )


    Eat launch at the restaurant then walk down to the beach to catch some fun

  • mallory2000 ( 31W / Tacoma, WA )


    Well i wont really make much decission on our first date the man can a choice of anywhere.

  • aceofcakes ( 46W / Oak Lawn, IL )


    Movies, dinner, picnic, outdoors adventure

  • 54lildebigriffin ( 57W / Athens, AL )


    Let's go to a movie&dinner afterwards?

  • spraysomelove ( 48M / Garland, TX )


    We take a long walk at the park, also have a coffee chat as well as a walk at the beach.

  • Aurora1111 ( 36W / Melrose, FL )


    Dinner and then a movie, bowling or pool.

  • 1americancycle ( 60M / Edgewater, FL )


    With the risk of being totally cliche', I almost can't remember the last time I went to the movies. I'm thinking dinner and a movie. I'll let my date pick the movie.

  • QatanI ( 63M / Marietta, GA )


    How about we meet at a coffee shop and chat a bit and then ride some and maybe go for a nice dinner and/or a movie?

  • sweetangel2011 ( 34W / Vinton, VA )


    Would love to have a romantic dinner where I can get to know someone. I enjoy candlelight dinners and watching a good movie

  • arrowman ( 47M / Shawano, WI )


    maybe some dinner and then go for a bike ride

  • DESHADOWRIDER ( 50M / Camden Wyoming, DE )


    Nothing to Big meet for Coffee or a Walk on the Beach sounds like a good First day ! Or a nice Scary Movie :)

  • Love_my_Curves ( 25W / Des Moines, IA )


    Dinner and a nice ride, followed by maybe some drinks and hangin' out getting to know each other, or a nice movie!

  • hippy1 ( 55M / Tulare, CA )


    how about we go to dinner and a movie

  • Soulchild84 ( 29W / Austin, TX )


    Dinner always works for me . or going to a Sports bar and watching a game. Both works for me :)

  • steph147 ( 29W / London, England - London )


    A hot air balloon ride at sunset with a bottle of Champagne Or Go see a popular new movie