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  • DougBinAZ (56M/Phoenix, AZ)


    Perhaps meet for lunch or dinner or something similar

  • victorm (56M/Nocona, TX)


    meet some place nice for dinner. see if we hit it off then go from there.

  • Tribie (41W/Cairns, Queensland)


    My very first date would be dinner somewhere nice then a chat...if we connect then we will see what happens...Really would like a guy that makes me laugh but can be cheeky and sweet at the same time.

  • J26933 (56M/Chicago, IL)


    Dinner then take a walk and have those kind of conversations where we have no concept of time

  • AyieMoto3 (30M/Singapore)


    Meet first. ..ride to desired place to makan...have good long funny talk...chill...

  • ellenschancee (60W/Palm Bay, FL)


    Nice quiet place for dinner,nothing fancy, then a ride somewhere for a drink,,shoot pool,talk,

  • Iseecatfish (53M/New York, NY)


    We meet somewhere where we can chat, for coffee, a drink, a walk, or dinner. We suddenly take notice that we've been talking and laughing for quite a while and we can't wait to plan our next meeting.

  • roysept (53W/Bacliff, TX)


    Dinner in a nice casual spot for starters

  • St0rm11 (43W/Richmond, VA)


    I like to start with dinner so we can talk and get to know each other.

  • RidingChristian (42W/New Haven, CT)


    Having a few drinks and/or dinner to be able to talk and get to know each other would most likely be best for a first date. Once we know each other, not needing to talk as much, things like movies, concerts, comedy shows  more>>

  • eziridr (42W/Edmonton, AB)


    meeting for dinner / drinks get to know each other and see if there will be another date

  • bikerlady1262 (51W/Florence, SC)


    something simple to start with would be nice , somewhere we both agree apon , or maybe just a day's adventure riding the bikes and enjoying some scenery, bike lady

  • Movie and then dinner xxxxxxxx

  • sprec1 (55M/Cummington, MA)


    In the rain take a bottle of wine on warm summer evening and walk along the beach

  • faithfullsoul (60M/New Castle, PA)


    Meeting at a restaurant for dinner and getting to know more about each other.