Cafe My favorite date ideas

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  • Parrot500 ( 51 / W / Arlington, TX )

    Let's meet for something comfortable and see if we can stand the sight of each other and go from there.

  • Harleygal67 ( 48 / W / Dumfries, VA )

    Quiet location where we can talk without screaming over loud music and crowds. This seems to be the preferred 1st meeting spot because it is relaxed.

  • 007backseat ( 58 / W / Youngsville, LA )

    Lunch in busy place. Or just sitting down a few drinks. Someplace to sit a nd get to know each other

  • Reneedavis ( 57 / W / Millerstown, PA )

    Somewhere to meet in public to grab a bite to eat and get a feel for each other to see if theirs a attraction... Are miniature golf course... Are coffee shop are at little buffalo state park canoeing !

  • Doodle7366 ( 50 / W / Latonia, KY )

    A ride to somewhere such as rabbit hash. Just a nice ride then sitting down getting to know one another

  • vagos41 ( 40 / M / Pomona, CA )

    I would take a woman out to a real nice restaurant and a movie

  • Tooshytt ( 33 / W / Indianapolis, IN )

    Meet somewhere and have lunch. Maybe a short ride

  • goodbadboy13 ( 35 / M / Bloomington, IL )

    Meet for coffee . And a ride if it goes good. Yah never really know

  • Jmrhode ( 55 / W / Mount Pleasant, MI )

    Simple fun real time to get to know each other doing some both enjoy

  • moki79 ( 36 / M / Gardena, CA )

    My first date idea would be simple ,coffee or tea that way with conversation we can see if the interest is possible. .if not no harm done at least a good conversation and a possible friendship can come about.

  • Ranger2020 ( 58 / M / Humble, TX )

    To meetup enjoy lunch and conversation. Get to know each other our likes and dislikes

  • cherokeerose3 ( 50 / W / Little Rock, AR )

    I would enjoy the whole day with you! Motorcycle ride to the lake! Enjoy lunch together! Just get to know each other!

  • Blondyblue1 ( 45 / W / Buffalo, NY )

    First date....we can decide together... Casual would be more comfortable for me

  • BriLayne ( 31 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    I do t need fancy or something extravagant! Ice cream, a beer, maybe dinner!!

  • vtGinger ( 43 / W / Bennington, VT )

    Maybe a short ride somewhere we could sit outside and have lunch and chat. A chance to get to know one another