Live Music / Concerts

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  • ralphrexroat ( 58M / Louisville, KY )


    Dinner music late night ride on my big black h/d lot of talking maybe a little kissing

  • CapnKwirk ( 58M / Mesa, AZ )


    Meet for drinks. Can't take our eyes off of each other. Can't believe you're really so beautiful and energetic. Let's go inside for some dinner. Whatever you want. Whatever you feel like. Oh they're gonna have some live  more>>

  • NYUrbanCowboy4U ( 37M / Fort Edward, NY )


    Meet for coffee or a drink...something simple and reasonably quiet so we can chat and see where we're at.

  • Evette4072 ( 42W / Van, TX )

    +0 favorite thing to do is listening to live music if we could meet somewhere that's to loud it would be nice ... i open 2 just about anything my date would like to do :)

  • spoke64 ( 54M / Houston, TX )


    go to dinner on a motorcycyle or just meet and get to know each other

  • ItalianSweety75 ( 39W / Chicago, IL )



  • browneyes2026 ( 42W / Green Bay, WI )


    Dinner and Botanical Garden to see the Christmas lights

  • Nikkifox ( 32W / Surrey, BC )


    I would like to go to a pub by the beach, chat, walk around, see If we click.

  • lonerider2031 ( 36M / Troy, TX )


    go to a concert, Food Festival, or some other outdoor activity.

  • countrygirl123 ( 49W / Fort Campbell, KY )


    You pick me up on your bike it's a beautiful sunny day we head out to the road and ride until we find somewhere cool to stop lakes , river , bar , whatever sounds good for the day. then have a beer and some lunch and tlc  more>>

  • Candygirl64 ( 50W / Reno, NV )


    Going to a live concert and then go from there

  • charm292 ( 53W / Manitowoc, WI )


    a walk along the lake or a quiet coffee shop any place that we can talk without having to shout to hear one another

  • bellaroxy ( 63W / Orlando, FL )


    biketoberfest is here this weekend , would love to ride with someone.

  • NadaAngel ( 52W / Las Vegas, NV )


    Dinner , riding, off to a kickass rock or metal music concert.

  • WOTCSAINT ( 56M / Guatay, CA )


    I would love to go for a ride to a seafood restaurant by the beach at Sundown. Walk on the beach holding hands and talking. Then maybe a movie or concert or coffee.