First Date Ideas

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  • StormeeSunday ( 52 / W / New Cumberland, PA )

    The idea of a perfect date is way overrated. Whatever option is on the table is fine with me. I'm easy going, easy to please and don't do drama or stress.

  • Rrruuss ( 41 / M / San Marcos, CA )

    Lets go ahead and get that accomplished so we aren't motivated by that and can concentrate, instead, on the next date (if we enjoy sex with each other) not be trying to figure out how to convince each other to have sex w...  read more >>

  • Idwildrider ( 67 / M / Idyllwild, CA )

    Pick you up on bike and go and eat in mountains or ride up on your bike and eat and converse ...

  • Bryoni ( 32 / W / Biggar, Scotland - Lanarkshrie )

    Something fun where we can have a laugh and a giggle dinner and stuff is too serious and nerve wracking lol.... Well to me it is anyway 😂

  • poolistu ( 25 / M / Timisoara, Timis )

    Picked this option because it should not matter from the actual situation rather than the feelings it brings,to which I am sure for appropriate ones.

  • happytime ( 69 / M / Fairport, NY )

    Depending on the weather could be a ride as well.

  • kyrolen ( 21 / W / Boynton Beach, FL )

    To be honest, being spontaneous, random, creative, even if that means going for a ride!!! this is what I kind of like I'm traditional type!

  • ridenext2me ( 49 / W / Lake Worth, FL )

    That is something we both have to decide on

  • charsmusic ( 48 / W / Alexandria, VA )

    Let's take a long ride out to a vineyard in the country or a little hole in the wall pub.

  • Mistyraindrop ( 51 / W / Bismarck, ND )

    Anything, just no one night stands. I do not like coffee.

  • Zpainsnj ( 24 / M / Franklinville, NJ )

    Maybe go to a track and watch the weekend mx

  • TXSweetOrMean ( 44 / W / Long Beach, CA )

    I don't care as long as you

  • mandm66 ( 50 / M / Walnut Grove, CA )

    Let's keep it simple and airy.

  • hwy20ride ( 46 / M / Fox Lake, IL )

    It depends on the person you are with , it depends on the time of year there's a lot that can be done and yes I can plan and would plan but again it's who you are with that plays into that equation too...

  • coolchic ( 48 / W / Oxford, PA )

    I'm always up for an adventure. Not sure a quiet 1st date is ideal - too much pressure! Just kidding....I'm easy to talk to and can carry a conversation pretty easily.