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  • DK8080 ( 35M / Bronx, NY )


    A interesting conversation while you eat and I wax my bike. Then a nice cruise followed by shopping

  • mnsunshine21 ( 62W / Saint Paul, MN )


    In winter, cozy dinner and movie. Nice weather= ride on passenger seat with great guy to a lake or ocean view and share some food laughter and hold :) hands

  • Rie81AZ ( 56W / Cottonwood, AZ )


    A little BBQ maybe. Someplace private where we can just relax and really visit. Nights under the stars are amazing.

  • funseeker1 ( 38M / Australia )


    A ride on my low rider for lunch or dinner maybe a movie or coffe and see where it goes no expectations ;)

  • sortedperry ( 46M / Kenilworth, England - Warwickshire )


    Maybe a ride out , or drive out if it's snowing, I'm easy to let you pick , so you feel comfortable

  • realgoodman ( 58M / Northwood, OH )


    a couple drinks and a bite to eat. and if theres a connection...maybe a walk or a ride by the water somewhere.

  • Red322 ( 45W / New York, NY )


    Surprise's not about where you go or what you's about who your with.

  • newlife2001 ( 41W / Saint Louis, MO )


    I love anything that has to do with the outdoors.A long ride a short ride a walk through a creek bed arrowhead hunting something that dosen't cost alot something that tells each other a little about the other.

  • AmyP64 ( 50W / Broken Arrow, OK )


    First date should be simple and easy just in case we don't click. If we click then we can always continue to something like dinner, drinks, a walk, etc - no movie or anything where we can't talk and get to know each othe  more>>

  • cougar682000 ( 37W / Henderson, NV )


    Somewhere neither person has been to

  • Wolfone ( 36M / Shawnee, OK )


    Some place quiet so we can get to know each other better

  • urbabe ( 53W / Glendale, AZ )


    I would love to go for a walk. The simple things in life are the greatest joys.

  • SeptChiHDGuy ( 46M / Oak Park, IL )


    Depends on what our mutual interests are. Could be a museum, a dive bar, a wine bar, Starbucks (or the like)!

  • Beachdreaming ( 45W / Marlborough, MA )


    Somewhere so we can chat and get to know one another, play some pool.

  • sunshinedazz ( 57W / Tuckerton, NJ )


    Ride to Nowhere is always nice, but I think just sitting by the water with a java and maybe picnic lunch....tunafish on and just listening to the sounds, talking while seeing if that spark is there