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  • Bluejean2000 ( 40W / Budd Lake, NJ )


    Pick me up on bike, lets hit the open road, find a hideaway for lunch..

  • dutchbug ( 59M / Stockton, CA )


    Lets meet for coffee or lunch and go from there.

  • CapnRuss ( 58M / Longview, WA )


    Meet for coffee or lunch. Get a chance to talk and decide if we would like to meet again or extend the current date.

  • softailroxy99 ( 51W / Zephyrhills, FL )


    whatever not into making many plans what happens .........happens

  • DottieC ( 54W / San Angelo, TX )


    Just a get together to learn more about each other. Maybe have lunch or dinner and just talk to one another.