Just can't be categorized

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  • LilyRoseRed (52W/Palmyra, NJ)


    They say the first date is the most important one, well I don't always agree with that. I think it takes time to learn about someone and get to know them to see if they are the right one for you or not. A great date woul  more>>

  • countrygirl2025 (54W/Clarksville, TN)


    Relaxing over lunch and talking/laughing.

  • thebreeze2003 (59M/Knoxville, TN)


    simple. simple simple whatever talk talk talk

  • The_Pup (63M/Longmont, CO)


    The first meeting place should be a place to talk, public, with a relaxed atmosphere.

  • GixxerLover190 (36M/Winnetka, CA)


    Lets go for a ride and see where we end up.