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  • Banditpower ( 23M / Barking, England - London )


    I would to meet up for some lunch then go on a nice long ride on the bike

  • fhman52 ( 54M / Fountain Hills, AZ )


    Anywhere for a coffee or drink. The Hideaway is always fun.

  • bobbyd2008 ( 58M / Bernhards Bay, NY )


    a nice dinner is good but enjoy wings and a few beers also

  • IrishRob ( 58M / Lewisville, TX )


    Set and talk....get to know each other. Open questions, holding hands, getting comfortable. Maybe go over to Redneck Heaven for some dinner, and a nice ride around Grapevine lake.

  • joedee2001 ( 66M / Sparta, NJ )


    lets meet for drinks &maybe a bite to eat