First Date Ideas

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  • Hdcvoriderhdcvor ( 55 / M / Fremont, CA )

    Ride to the beach with a stop at a waterfront restaurant for lunch. Then walk on the beach, learning about each other.

  • tattygirl ( 45 / W / Barnsley, England - South Yorkshire )

    Meet up for a cuppa/bite to eat or if the weather's nice take a stroll somewhere picturesque. Cinema is a no no mainly because you can't talk.....not really conducive to getting to know someone!

  • michellesforgive ( 50 / W / Sterling, CO )

    perhaps a lunch , dinner , out for a bit, or nice bikeride

  • hotwheelsx2 ( 53 / M / Longmont, CO )

    Lets have a drink , or lunch to get to know each other and test the chemistry.

  • Wandergirl ( 62 / W / Conifer, CO )

    A nice patio somewhere along the foothills, low-key, and visit!

  • PlatypusBob ( 57 / M / Greenwood, ON )

    Meet at a coffee shop or restaurant for lunch in order to get to know each other. From there we can go for a ride and take the rest as it comes.

  • jossman ( 70 / M / Monument, CO )

    Too old for B.S.Just meet for lunch and see if there is any chemistry!

  • jillizzy56 ( 60 / W / Providence, UT )

    A day ride through one of the beautiful canyons in the area with a picnic or lunch at a mom and pop kind of place.

  • ghostrider123 ( 67 / M / Collierville, TN )

    go for a ride somewhere and maybe have lunch or dinner

  • rujo51 ( 65 / W / Dubois, IN )

    Meet somewhere quite to have a drink and get to know whether we have that 'click ' or not...maybe a short ride together...

  • Goldwinger57 ( 58 / M / Woodbridge, VA )

    We meet at some McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts (since they sell the best coffee) and we start talking. The sooner the better. We continue talking till one of us decides that that this is just not clicking or we hop on my bik...  read more>>

  • Giddyupguy ( 69 / M / Fredericksburg, TX )

    What ever we decide makes the most sense: coffee, drinks, dinner

  • springsteen ( 51 / M / Buffalo, NY )

    Simple, ride anywhere, take some time to stop and talk and get to know each other.

  • ArrOne ( 28 / M / Minnetonka, MN )

    A ride out to Henderson, which includes some twisties and a stop at the small town general store for lunch and some ice cream.

  • NorthlandGoddess ( 53 / W / Whangarei, Whangarei )

    First date - cafe or somewhere nuetral, possibly at the beach so theres something to do instead of just sitting. 2nd date - movies, dinner and maybe snuggle In a relationship a great date would be to be surprised with a...  read more>>