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  • 0913ozzyaa ( 58M / Deltona, FL )


    I nice seafood lunch on the beach to enjoy the walk later in the sand near the water

  • KenBria ( 53W / Oceanside, CA )


    Meet for breakfast or lunch. Then plan what else we'd like to do.

  • road2031 ( 54M / West Porters Lake, NS )


    well i am assuming i will be excited if i want to meet you i can't think for you so first date will be based on what we decide

  • BigVulcan69 ( 44M / Suwanee, GA )


    Meet for coffee or a long Lunch...just to get us to know each other before we go on rides together.

  • becca_sue ( 60W / Valparaiso, IN )


    meeting at a restaurant ..... if it clicks going for a bike run

  • AZRoadmaster ( 58M / Miami, FL )


    If I had an Idea why would I be here, ONLY KIDDING ! Maybe a phone conversation, then a lunch, a ride, a hug?

  • sports4me19 ( 46W / Johnson City, TN )


    Meet for lunch and a drink...take a ride thru the mountains. Park and have conversation, ride back and let the night continue if it's been a good day.

  • Ghost_Outlaw ( 54M / Shawnee, OK )


    Met an have fun an see where it leads have alot of good ideas

  • harleyrose2008 ( 57W / Vidor, TX )


    A casual meeting over coffee or lunch in a public place. Maybe a bike ride if the weather permits.

  • iheartbikes2013 ( 47W / Katy, TX )


    someplace relaxed where we can hear each other have a conversation

  • chrislv66 ( 49W / Henderson, NV )


    A ride around lake mead and lunch somewhere casual to talk and get to know one another,

  • Hotflash62 ( 53W / Saint Louis, MO )


    Someplace thats quite enough where we could talk and share things about eachother

  • BBBikerguy ( 65M / Key West, FL )


    I think the very first date is usually more comfortable for everyone to keep it simple and meet at a low key place and get to know each Mallory Square at sunset? Just some talking, some refreshments or a lig  more>>

  • 2wheels2up ( 63M / Sterling, IL )


    Meet 4 lunch. Someplace where you would be comfortable. U tell me. Then a afternoon of ridin' if you like. Or a walkabout. I'm flexible...

  • DorisinNH ( 53W / Goffstown, NH )


    For our first date I would like to make it simple. Let's go out for a cup of coffee. If that works out well, maybe we could go for a short ride to a park, to a lake or to the coast. We could talk more and get to know eac  more>>