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  • Misslinda48 ( 38W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )


    Go for a dinner and have a lot of fun and talk better to each other and hang out as we both want

  • Kookie143 ( 47W / Oklahoma City, OK )


    I think when it comes to discussing a first date, this would be something we both need to agree on. Dinner and a drink might work.

  • TWYZE40 ( 43W / Horsham, PA )


    A friendly game of pool or bowling and then dinner at a casual dining location. Doing something fun and competitive.

  • Skygod65 ( 50M / Waterford, MI )


    Coffee, perhaps dinner & a movie and see where it goes from there

  • happybitcfh ( 51W / Stanfield, NC )


    Meeting somewhere for dinner or for a drink!!

  • CT1885 ( 44W / Cumming, GA )


    Nice walk on the beach with candlelight....ok, just kidding. Just a good restaurant to talk.

  • KAOSS1968 ( 46M / Bristol, PA )


    bike ride , boat ride, jet ski ride, luch , dinner. do it again

  • LuvToScoot ( 56W / Gainesville, GA )


    Start with breakfast and if it goes well then we have all day to ride and continue to learn about each other and see where it goes from there.

  • diecutter ( 60W / Springfield, MA )


    A meeting (maybe dinner) so we can talk to see if we click

  • Roadhog1966 ( 48M / Andover, CT )


    take a nice ride down twisty roads heading for the shore line for a nice seafood dinner, and then watch the sunset over the ocean.

  • Harleybabyblue ( 41W / Fond du Lac, WI )


    Going for a ride, Weather permitting, dinner and drinks great way to break the ice.

  • rapidroy ( 63M / Little Rock, AR )


    Want to go for a ride, a good steak, and maybe a movie or dancing.

  • LoveLifeAnRiding ( 56M / Wadsworth, IL )


    Where you are most comfortable is where I'd like to take you on a first date. That way you won't feel out of place and you and I can relax and enjoy the company.

  • snoreb ( 59W / Oakwood, IL )


    meet have coffee or dinner and talk a little

  • BigTyme1975 ( 39M / El Paso, TX )


    Nice dinner and drinks and go from there.