First Date Ideas

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  • Flaming2000 ( 57 / M / Van Alstyne, TX )

    Would like to meat somewhere for a quit dinner or lunch to talk and find if we have interest in one another.

  • presley105 ( 34 / W / Providence, RI )

    i enjoy going to beach in my free time most especially on weekends and that was where i met my ex before we departed.

  • liltarheelmama ( 47 / W / Wilmington, NC )

    dinner at a sports bar or The Olive Garden, Red Lobster or South Beach Grille

  • dj1020 ( 60 / M / Merritt Island, FL )

    For a first contact I'd like to meet for lunch or dinner. If that goes well, I'd like to go to my favorite Italian restuarant in Cocoa Beach, followed by a trip to the comedy club. A sense of humor is a must!

  • agape93 ( 51 / W / Linden, NJ )

    A nice quiet place for dinner so we can learn more about each other.

  • honestly2000 ( 54 / W / Cincinnati, OH )

    Just friends. Go for a bike ride and enjoy being outside.

  • bighub ( 55 / M / Mesa, AZ )

    meet for lunch and then go for a ride and then dinner and if you like a movie

  • lastlove2013 ( 60 / W / Chula Vista, CA )

    anywhere we set up to meet coffee or dinner would be good!

  • Lauren18 ( 22 / W / Weatherford, TX )

    I'm pretty simple it don't take much to make me happy so anywhere we feel ilke going!

  • halfpounder ( 49 / M / Duluth, MN )

    dinner chit chat a nice walk game of pool darts maybe a few drinks

  • LONEWOLF1953 ( 63 / M / Hampstead, NC )

    Mayba a ride on our bikes or lunch/ dinner or a coffee shop

  • StonfreLadyBiker ( 54 / W / Franklin, NC )

    My first date would be to meet at a nice place to have dinner and talk, get to know each other, and size up the situation.. yes, you being the situation. ;)

  • darkrider2002 ( 58 / M / Marlborough, MA )

    meet in a place of your choice! nice restaurant ,etc ....?

  • Keoni36 ( 68 / M / Houston, TX )

    Somewhere public so my date isn't afraid and we cam get to know each other.

  • fabair ( 48 / M / Barrie, ON )

    we would start with a nice dinner, to get to know each other, maybe a movie.. Our 2nd a little more romantic... another nice dinner then walk along the beach hand in hand perhaps eating ice cream and chatting. Our 3rd...  read more>>