First Date Ideas

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  • Cherre2014 ( 61 / W / Port Orange, FL )

    Meet up at Starbucks to see if there is any chemistry

  • mssandy63 ( 65 / W / Portage, IN )

    How about a few drinks, just to lighten up the the conversation?

  • dlhemi ( 57 / M / Comox, BC )

    - casual, nice cafe, non-rushed

  • nuthing2hide ( 53 / M / Wethersfield, CT )

    Casual no expectations food and or drinks keep things flexable

  • KatieMonster ( 30 / W / Akron, OH )

    If the checkers or chess tables are not taken we could attempt to play, if you know chess you could teach me. Since it is Ohio, weather permitting we could just sit outside and enjoy the day!

  • chango72 ( 43 / M / Australia )

    Something quiet so we can chat and get 2 no each other

  • joycegardner ( 32 / W / Pompano Beach, FL )

    Just hangout somewhere nice talk and get to know each other more better

  • skedaddles ( 44 / W / Fox Island, WA )

    Let's meet for coffee and dessert. Or drinks is nice too if you like. Something simple Just so we can get to know each other better.

  • charleygirl69 ( 53 / W / Breaux Bridge, LA )

    First off by taking a nice ride. Afterwards park the bikes, then it's time for some good food and a nice bottle of wine followed by a nice long walk to get to know more about each other. Then let's hope there is a spark...  read more>>

  • BritBiker2003 ( 53 / M / Phoenix, AZ )

    Ideally meet somewhere for coffee and a chat, ride together somewhere else from there, and hang out some more getting to know each other.

  • mommawarrior ( 62 / W / Pryor, OK )

    how about we meet at one of the above places for some coffee and to talk so we can get to know each other. We could also meet race track (when open for season) I am very much in racing (I have family who runs) at Salina...  read more>>

  • Bankrupt ( 57 / M / Waynesboro, PA )

    Either a formal dress Broadway show with a 5 star 11 course dinner after and a private jet to the Keys following....or maybe a cup of coffee at dive diner. I do like the second option better, Second mortgages suck.

  • Scott64 ( 52 / M / Yuba City, CA )

    Meet somewhere at a cafe, or take a walk. Somewhere we can talk and focus on each other.

  • GlideRideGal ( 57 / W / Austin, TX )

    Someplace quiet enough to chat, get to know each other. Take a ride.

  • johndyna ( 61 / M / Van Nuys, CA )

    I would like to meet at a restaurant so we can talk and get to know each other.