Biker Activities My favorite date ideas

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  • gr8b1tchrider ( 46W / Hurst, TX )


    I like riding to a destination that were both happy with like l Club on a lake so we can have a chance to talk enjoy the water and be comfortable and not a movie. That's for after we know each other and want to cuddle on  more>>

  • Letsridepeaches ( 29W / Aragon, GA )


    Hop on the bike have some fun and good company. Maybe grab a snack or a picnic for the road no big cities

  • eaglerider13 ( 53W / Cleburne, TX )


    Let's take a ride to see how we "gel".

  • tattedup_samirae ( 23W / Gap, PA )


    a long bike ride to a hole in the wall place to have a conversation

  • Subgunner ( 47M / Cheyenne, WY )


    Every date is unique and requires adaption to the activity at hand. Plan but be spontaneous too! When the warmer weather finally arrives, riding of course, Estes Park, Cooper Smith's Pub, Thunder Mountain Harley Davidson  more>>

  • Carpenter42 ( 41M / Berlin, PA )


    Long ride to some place sweet looking fir new sights and places never been

  • callen662 ( 48M / Lake Orion, MI )


    Go comedy, Improv never misses

  • goodtimenana ( 65W / Portage, IN )


    Lunch, dinner, coffee, or a drink, just so we can talk to each other in person.

  • Jigsaw ( 37M / Chesapeake, VA )


    A nice ride down by the beach, small dinner then to a hole in the wall place for drinks.

  • BrennaLee2013 ( 43W / Kearney, NE )


    Lets go have a drink, play some pool, darts, sports choose. Take things simple and easy...

  • hooigan ( 60M / Roundup, MT )


    easy we spend the day on a nice bike ride

  • Ta2edWarrior ( 47M / Minneapolis, MN )


    Dumb section. I like to be spontaneous and just go with the flow and have fun. If you are with someone who's company you enjoy, you enjoy it. Period.

  • Escrimador ( 44M / Melbourne, Victoria )


    I would love to take my date to a motorcycle cafe, then ride to kinglake to take in some sights and get to know one another.

  • patriot4477 ( 42W / Pleasanton, TX )


    comedy club,kareoke bar,sports bar.

  • froggiedog ( 57M / Berkeley Springs, WV )


    mabe a nice ride out to lunch and hang out