First Date Ideas

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  • Sunshine2061 ( 62 / M / Palmetto, GA )

    Meet somewhere casual for dinner or drinks. See if we have an interest in each other and go from there.

  • dirtypete ( 54 / M / Wenatchee, WA )

    whatever we decide,and what time of yr. it is. going for a walk,movies,or getting ink'd

  • 7ump_FLHTCU ( 66 / M / Louisville, KY )

    Meet up for a beer, just coffee or ice cream. Casual conversation. I guess a meet-up isn't a first date soooooooo maybe a first DATE should be casual with no expectations. I am certainly a romantic but I think I have to...  read more>>

  • Speedybean ( 36 / M / Mesquite, TX )

    well that always depends on the talk, kind of plan as i go.

  • ridin4me ( 62 / W / Grand Rapids, MI )

    Love riding out by Lake MI or by any water really I love Rt 22 or any twisty that's ends at a great spot I've never been to Hang out for food, sightseeing or just shoot the breeze or some pool. Adventure finding new plac...  read more>>

  • HotStuff1997 ( 55 / W / Winston Salem, NC )

    I am not a high maintenance gal. Let's meet for a wings at a local bar and see where it goes.

  • OriginallSinn50 ( 43 / W / Las Cruces, NM )

    We take a long ride, sit down for some good Mexican food, and see where the conversation goes from there.

  • Prof_Adrenaline ( 46 / M / Euless, TX )

    Meet for dinner and drinks in Grapevine, and then go for a short ride around the lake while the sun is setting. Then go to the Glass Cactus for dancing, and spend some quality time getting to know you while setting out o...  read more>>

  • sobeone ( 57 / M / Eaton, OH )

    Start with dinner then see where it goes from there.

  • Benden ( 58 / M / Pasadena, TX )

    any local event within our scope and various resorts

  • SRC66V2000 ( 49 / M / Dallastown, PA )

    Nice ride, dinner, maybe a drink, and if we're having a good time we can figure it out from there.

  • rebelson1950 ( 65 / M / Pineview, GA )

    well...basically my idea would be to make sure that my first date would be something that would make my date happy...anything other than that is up for grabs

  • silky64 ( 52 / W / Englewood, CO )

    Whereever the most comfortable place would be for both !

  • 09ninja650r ( 36 / M / Pittsburgh, PA )

    Keep it casual and fun... Drinks and Games at Dave and Busters, followed by dinner somewhere else in the Waterfront. Then maybe a late comedy show!

  • harleygirl2323 ( 42 / W / Crete, NE )

    Dinner and it doesn't have to be fancy(I'm a down home kinda girl),getting to know one another . Then maybe take in a movie or go for a ride down by the river .