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  • tlc9072 ( 46 / W / Denver, CO )

    Nothing over the top!Take things slow and then we'll see where it goes from there!

  • kvf1225 ( 25 / W / Watertown, WI )

    For a first date, I'd honestly like to keep it low key but fun at the same time. Just focusing on one another. But I'm not going for the typical dinner and movie thing so get creative!

  • Raveka ( 47 / W / Westford, MA )

    Dinner and live music…maybe the tupelo music hall in londonderry?

  • jas4613 ( 55 / M / Port Saint Lucie, FL )


  • Nefarious13 ( 40 / M / Harleton, TX )

    Jst dinner or jst hang out get to know were there head at n what plans have for future

  • theresa2010 ( 54 / W / Sumter, SC )

    go for a ride and stop anywhere for meal and get 2 know each other im not picky and it just takes simple things to impress me but i do not like seafood but i like trying different things

  • aintyobaby10 ( 44 / W / Abilene, TX )

    I am game! Coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks...whatever _ whenever!

  • PinkandBlack ( 39 / W / Rome, GA )

    Listen to Luke Bryan's "That's My Kind of Night." That's my perfect date in a nutshell, except instead of in a truck I want to be on the back of a bike.

  • tifclifton ( 42 / W / Phoenix, AZ )

    I'm not picky , lad back just like to chill like to have a drink or watch a movie.

  • sgierling ( 25 / W / Loveland, CO )

    For a first date i suppose we could be cliche and go to dinner and a movie, or grab some coffee. But either way i dont mind. Just as long as we get to talk. :)

  • jeffdort ( 53 / M / Glidden, WI )

    Meet up, have some small talk and get to know each other. Then decide what to do. Spontaneity is the spice of life.

  • Timclark ( 26 / M / Warrenton, OR )

    I like trying new things. Ready for an adventure.

  • hawgdawg2003 ( 68 / M / Lagrange, GA )

    The first date, irregardless of where/when, should be something you're both comfortable with.......don't have to put on any airs( I'm not that person )....just be yourself, and have a great time with whatever you decide...  read more >>

  • McGyver9x ( 52 / M / Valdosta, GA )

    Lets discuss this and decide together

  • 2012FLHX103 ( 59 / W / Austin, TX )

    Just someplace to chat, get to know each other. Just see how that goes. But I can usually be found most Friday nights hanging outside at the moontower.