First Date Ideas

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  • nubbie ( 54 / M / Richardson, TX )

    Meet someplace public, quiet so we can hear each other. If that goes well, maybe a ride together to get to know one another.

  • Happy30 ( 32 / M / San Antonio, TX )

    Start off with a ride to Gruene and a nice supper on the river. Then a ride west down River Road to Canyon Lake. Then to the other side of the lake to Spring Branch or down to Bracken. Then back into town for Drinks Musi...  read more>>

  • Moto8100 ( 27 / M / Houston, TX )

    Dinner movie .. Long ride then go stunt and do wheelies at the spot

  • chronica ( 43 / W / Tucson, AZ )

    Hooking up to see if any sparks fly.

  • lilmama29 ( 31 / W / Sylacauga, AL )

    Dinner, movies , bowling , drinks , quit walk

  • JlfHD11 ( 36 / M / Daphne, AL )

    Getting on the bike an riding to the beach to get something good to eat an get to know each other

  • bwks636 ( 33 / M / Malaysia )

    Ride together and feel the moment together.....

  • Justmek01 ( 47 / W / Levittown, PA )

    Simple dinner or event where we can talk (not somewhere loud).

  • HugePP ( 36 / M / Jamestown, ND )

    At night on the beach or mountain top staring at the stars! Literally staring at the stars, NO BS! Anywhere away from the lights of the city.... No TV, Outdoors, Laughing OFTEN!

  • readytoroll2002 ( 56 / W / Manitowoc, WI )

    talk and get to know each other , first

  • nancydarlene ( 52 / W / Knoxville, TN )

    Nice walk on the beach! I love riding on the back of a Harley! I love an honest man anytime I love surprises from my man!! I do respect a man in every way on a date or any other time. I was raised this way and I can't ch...  read more>>

  • CosbyStong ( 47 / W / Austin, TX )

    A nice ride in this beautiful weather topping off with live music and getting to know one another.

  • roa1970 ( 45 / M / Winston Salem, NC )

    go out and have a good meal and see where it goes from there

  • Ratchet2324 ( 28 / W / Oxford, OH )

    I'm always up for something fun. I like shooting pool, so dinner, drinks and pool sound good to me. I live in a rural area, so maybe cruising around too. I'm a real laid back, go with the flow type person, so I'm really...  read more>>

  • prozac39666 ( 56 / W / Summit, MS )

    Some just us time to share our stories...because everyone has one