Fun Date Ideas

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  • Mksu1dr6696 ( 39 / W / Wichita, KS )

    The ideal first date would have to be dinner and drinks, Or something along that line. You cannot be comfortable getting to know someone where you cannot talk. If there is something there between us then we can carry on...  read more >>

  • 1HDLady ( 51 / W / Palm Beach Gardens, FL )

    Bike event, quite dinner followed by a walk on the beach

  • Hodge66 ( 39 / M / mandurah, Western Australia )

    A nice casual affair, A few drinks around a pool table, casual chat to find out if we click. A movie with some popcorn. dinner overlooking a marina or beach. many options.

  • reefer ( 56 / M / Wallis, TX )

    Nice ride on a moolite nite, few drinks, good food , lots of conversation. Then if things goes good, maybe we'll talk a bunch more. Lets see where it goes.

  • Wyowomen ( 42 / W / Gillette, WY )

    A date where conversation is key. Laughter and casual silliness. Kiss on the first date? Yes please! If you like me let me know, I AM TIRED OF THE DATING GAME!

  • mama9196 ( 47 / W / Greer, SC )

    Open but first date must be in a public place, not coming to your house for dinner on the first date.

  • Sum531 ( 51 / W / Erlanger, KY )

    I think a good way to ease the stress of meeting would be to sit around a campfire have a few beers and just conversation to get to know one another. There is always to much stress to try and plan a perfect date.

  • Michelless ( 51 / W / Virginia Beach, VA )

    Surprise me.

  • WMurray ( 48 / M / Fostoria, OH )

    Go to eat, if things go well... go for a ride

  • Adieharleyd ( 44 / M / Crawley, England - Sussex )

    Something nice and easy so you can meet me with no worries or feelings of insecurity.

  • Q_Ball_VTX ( 49 / M / Mukwonago, WI )

    Something were we can talk but would be public and would have activity and be fun. Going to a local bar and getting a beer doesn't cut it.

  • bitchpet ( 39 / W / Wentworthville, New South Wales )

    Surprise me with your creative mind

  • StormeeSunday ( 52 / W / New Cumberland, PA )

    The idea of a perfect date is way overrated. Whatever option is on the table is fine with me. I'm easy going, easy to please and don't do drama or stress.

  • Rrruuss ( 41 / M / San Marcos, CA )

    Lets go ahead and get that accomplished so we aren't motivated by that and can concentrate, instead, on the next date (if we enjoy sex with each other) not be trying to figure out how to convince each other to have sex w...  read more >>

  • Idwildrider ( 67 / M / Idyllwild, CA )

    Pick you up on bike and go and eat in mountains or ride up on your bike and eat and converse ...