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  • ryanj29 (38M/Douglasville, GA)


    a candlelit dinner and a walk to park and talk over a bottle of red wine

  • FNJOE389 (50M/Philadelphia, PA)


    Somewhere that has some good music, good atmosphere, good food, and drinks.

  • luca35 (34M/Genève, Geneve)


    Have a good dinner and lot of fun

  • joanne1976 (37W/Keswick, ON)


    Should be something we both agree on...

  • DeOgee2000 (54M/Solomons, MD)


    Just meet. Eye each other up real good. Talk awhile! Eat.... see how ya act to wait staff and general table manners and hygiene.

  • Fcm4802n (58M/Katy, TX)


    Secluded remote beach with full moon and a bottle of wine. Listening to the ocean waves while making __________!.

  • misery1991 (35W/Bristol, CT)


    dinner dancing drinks going for a walk.

  • tattoomama83 (31W/Blytheville, AR)


    A rife somewhere nice.. maybe dinner n a drink.. whatever feels right :)

  • HDansoftail (55M/Newark, DE)


    How about go out for dinner, and then go out to see live band and dancing.

  • frogystyle (43M/Lima, OH)


    A nice casual dinner, something not very noisy so we can talk

  • wildfire44dd (47W/Elizabethtown, PA)


    Im not girly so im not fusy just like to have fun and be able to talk and be open with each other.

  • Ride Bike

  • jbeckner (45M/Shelby, IA)


    I am totally open. I want to get to meet open minded, faithful women.

  • ReAnn66 (46W/Lagrange, GA)


    Great date would be a ride on a beautiful day. Stop and have some lunch, just get to really know each other.

  • darren70 (44M/Coventry, England - West Midlands)


    Go where the heart takes us lunch dinner bike ride don't really mind