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  • Summerfun2000 ( 51W / Sparta, MI )


    first date would be a lunch date an outdoor cafe or a bar & grill w/ a deck. somewhere not to noisy I would like to hear what you have to say...if that goes well we could go catch a hockey game, baseball go to the race t  more>>

  • freespirit2026 ( 61W / Abbotsford, BC )


    A coffee, or a lunch out, so we can take our time in getting to know each other, its important not to rush into anything, friendship is a great way to start.

  • Clpolo ( 57M / Saint George, UT )


    Rides,rides,rides,lunch dinner etc.

  • scarlett2010 ( 47W / Akron, OH )


    anywhere we could talk and get to know each other

  • CountryTyme ( 50W / Montvale, VA )


    If you ask me out, that is up to you!

  • BarryT ( 70M / Roswell, GA )


    Sunday afternoon ride to listen to music , to visit friends or have lunch.

  • streetsntrips ( 63M / Eau Claire, WI )


    A nice quiet ride on some backroads, bite to eat at local place, good conversation, and take in some beautiful sites like bluffs above Alma and others. Just a good time. Open to whatever to meet. Not picky, just enjoying  more>>

  • BMS1967 ( 47W / Dryden, ON )


    I think a picnic would be awsome!

  • seraphina ( 50W / Spring Hill, FL )


    Stop out for a cup of coffee take a walk along the beach if things are working out good from there maybe go for a ride off into the sunset...... Pretty much open to anything where we can talk and get to know each other

  • nyirish1 ( 44W / Stephenson, VA )


    anywhere a conversation can be had.

  • RobLaRu ( 50M / Winooski, VT )


    Meet for lunch or drinks, maybe a hike or ride.

  • 06trike ( 72M / Davis, WV )


    Perhaps meet for coffee or lunch and conversation and see how things go.

  • suzzii ( 49W / Atwater, CA )


    Maybe go for a ride in the mountains and have lunch and go from there.

  • Bike2033 ( 64M / Franklin, MA )


    So many first date ideas , Drinks in a quiet place, lunch by the ocean May be a short ride in the country.

  • Dawg1812 ( 61M / Wylie, TX )


    Meet some where in public so that the lady feels safe, maybe have lunch or dinner, someplace quiet for talking. After that see if both are compatable and then go from there. If things work from that go riding.