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  • t675biker ( 30 / M / Palmerston North, Manawatu )

    Starts with a ride... Ends with a kiss...

  • brontosaur ( 72 / M / Studio City, CA )

    A casual lunch to learn about one another in a low-key setting.

  • CuteNCuddly ( 52 / W / London, ON )

    We could meet for a coffee or drink & then we could do lunch somewhere. And go for a bike ride & see where it takes us. Weather permitting of course, LOL.

  • jayzee2000 ( 49 / M / Newtown, PA )

    Motorcycle ride to a nice restaurant in a quaint town - not too far, not too close.

  • Rider01 ( 59 / M / Gonzales, LA )

    Let's go ride and see...Have found great out of the way places...

  • cvobaggerboy ( 61 / M / Bend, OR )

    For our first meeting, lets ride someplace special, out of the way, that only you know about and enjoy a nice lunch while we chat. perhaps we could plan a ride for same or another day so you can show me all the unique pl...  read more >>

  • www333 ( 51 / M / Allenhurst, NJ )

    I feel an informal first date is a good way to see if we enjoy each others friendship-breakfast,brunch or lunch at a public place that You Choose.

  • VTX1300RETROS ( 60 / M / Sarasota, FL )

    We meet early afternoon by bike, have lunch and if we connect go for an afternoon ride.

  • Amazon2001 ( 57 / W / Phoenix, AZ )

    we can go do lunch, shoot a game of pool...its been a while since i played pool but I wil go for it, meet at a Pizza place

  • LittleGrandma67 ( 51 / W / Clinton, IL )

    Have a nice lunch and some good conversation. Then take a nice ride to our little state park and walk around for little while..

  • MikeVN ( 59 / M / Penzance, England - Cornwall )

    A coffee or lunch and a chat somewhere quiet where you feel comfortable.

  • hd0057 ( 55 / M / Springfield, IL )

    bike ride dinner lunch what ever we feel like doing leave it up to you sweety

  • Green5513 ( 42 / M / Eufaula, AL )

    A ride on my bike to the beach for a picnic by the ocean.

  • GEMsWideGlide ( 54 / M / Pasadena, CA )

    Lunch or just coffe and good conversation. (At a location of your choice, of course. ;) If we're liking our time together maybe a walk somewhere nearby of interest or beauty.

  • Scream_Queen ( 31 / W / Chester, SC )

    A good first date to me, would be going out to lunch and then to a park or somewhere we can talk and get to know each other.