Live Music / Concerts My favorite date ideas

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  • msharley77 ( 46W / Hollywood, FL )


    I would like to ride to the beach, take a walk and talk and then watch the sun set!

  • sunfunsue ( 56W / Flower Mound, TX )


    meet up, see if we are compatible talking, see what other common interests we may have and if all goes well then RIDE

  • freebinky ( 48W / Jacksonville, FL )


    People watching, having fun talking & getting to know each other

  • Morrissey911 ( 30M / Pendlebury, England - Greater Manchester )


    Ice skating, meal, bowling, a ride out somewhere...anything thats great fun!

  • sexyred ( 60W / Omaha, NE )


    I would like to meet at a Club to listen to live music, Blues preferably. We could have a drink, although I don't drink alcohol. I would drink a soda or coffee, LOVE coffee, all flavors. We could talk, listen to music, l  more>>

  • italianval ( 49W / Escalante, UT )


    a walk in the rain. a hike in the desert.a nice dinner with good conversation. or a ride to someplace I havent seen. and friends mostly.

  • pattigirl ( 54W / New Rochelle, NY )


    How about a simple dinner and some outdoor time together. Real conversation and hopefully a few laughs

  • spiker1 ( 63W / Lakemont, GA )


    My Ideal date would be riding in the mountains, taking a bit to eat and stop at a lake and enjoy each others company.

  • harleychick1016 ( 55W / Lodi, NJ )


    My first would be going to dinner and a movie just sitting by the fire talking all night long.. with a few drinks

  • cat656 ( 59W / Bethlehem, PA )


    Bite to eat, then off to a small live concert. Something "Old School" like George Thorogood.

  • SurfsideSixx ( 53W / Portland, OR )


    Oh Id have so many ideas for this , I couldnt describe them all. I like to do lots of stuff .

  • ht_72hdryder ( 63M / Ocala, FL )


    huh? and huh and what is 30 characters it goes well? lol

  • Rider13 ( 59W / Dunedin, FL )


    Talking over a glass of wine on the beach in the evening. Then live music and dancing. Biker activities are also lots of fun.

  • bkitty44 ( 53W / Bear, DE )


    Enjoy a nice ride and then stop for a bite to eat to listen to music i.e. blues, rock or country.

  • uglyascyn ( 45W / Okanagan, British Columbia )


    Anything when we laugh, sing have a blast!