Just can't be categorized My favorite date ideas

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  • Sawellia ( 21W / Clarksville, TN )


    Anything besides the usual awkward dinner is fine with me!!

  • PAbiker2013 ( 58M / Philadelphia, PA )


    for a ride, stop have something to eat/drink..

  • Johnnyfats ( 31M / Carrollton, TX )


    I'm ready for anything. Late nights early evenings. As long as I'm having fun I don't care

  • dangerfield2000 ( 58M / Hemphill, TX )


    A nice ride somewhere with a place to have a cold beer

  • CajunBlitz ( 53W / Ville Platte, LA )


    Knees in the breeze and bugs in the face, Ive eaten a few, no particular destination find a hole in the wall have a few drinks but respect the road, not a fancy place to eat like cajun joints where you where what you wan  more>>

  • hondayogal ( 55W / adelaide, South Australia )


    coffee chat drink dance oh on what two people decide thats comfortable etc etc etc

  • Surfangel357 ( 51W / Universal City, TX )


    Something fun that we both are comfortable with...long ride on the bike, go cart racing, visit a ghost town, sky diving (never done it but willing to try).

  • curlybeard ( 28M / Newark, OH )


    Doing something that we have a common interest in,lunch,dinner,dessert and some entertainment. after that anything goes. I do have great respectand admiration for women that have sex before the second or third date.

  • Brokenfeather ( 51W / Douglassville, PA )


    Some where we can talk, and get to know each other

  • DWORKMAN ( 57W / Friendswood, TX )


    I like things outside the normal dinner and drinks routine. A comedy club, a walk on the Strand, visit an open air market or just hang out on the patio some where.

  • Derek97 ( 21M / Strasburg, VA )


    For a first date id'e plan on a long ride through the mountains defore dark and dinner and a movie as the day ends.

  • Armygirl14 ( 42W / Butler, PA )


    Somewhere we can get to know each other and talk. Nothing fancy , just carefree and spontaneous.

  • sailor1761 ( 54M / rome, Lazio )


    how have a nice meeting for a drink and after a nice walk in Rome?

  • rdtraveler ( 58M / Lake Charles, LA )


    A casual eat and greet maybe with a couple of drinks, hopefully on the water.

  • bengal1 ( 61W / Springfield, OH )


    first date? depends on the guy...and where we want to go....dinner/drink would be the best...little bit of time to decide if compatible...then if okay? pool playing.dancing...music....casino...food...dancing oh did i say  more>>