Dinner My favorite date ideas

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  • Soldout4Jesus ( 47 / W / Modesto, CA )

    My ideal first date would be having dinner on the beach.

  • AngelHeart_1973 ( 42 / W / Houston, TX )

    A dinner, a nice conversation in a public area.

  • Rochelle2002 ( 49 / W / Poteet, TX )

    Lets just take a relaxing moment to get to know each other...such as ride to scenic area enjoy the view and each others company. Then dinner would be great!

  • BrittanyMerie ( 23 / W / Placentia, CA )

    I've always had good luck on first dates with movies or coffee, dinner. I usually let the man decide.

  • customcycle2000 ( 63 / M / Worcester, MA )

    !Dinner A Glass of Wine, Conversation, Flirting See where the night takes us The Open Road The sun is harsh, the pavement hot, You might think us insane! But unless you've known it for yourself There's no way to explain  more>>

  • hookersrp ( 55 / M / Broadway, NC )

    Go out to eat and get to know one another

  • BikerHiker ( 45 / M / Cambridge, VT )

    I like to start a first date with dinner. Some place nice and fun with good food where we can take a little time to talk and get to know each other a bit.

  • roadking0202 ( 41 / M / Church Hill, TN )

    Nice warm day ridding off into the sunset to go eat after ridding all day.

  • hotcrissy47 ( 50 / W / Mexico, MO )

    I would like a nice quiet sit down dinner so the two of us can talk and get to know each other well enough to know what's gonna happen.

  • niceboy2013 ( 58 / M / North Miami Beach, FL )


  • rockerchic1226 ( 47 / W / Bronx, NY )

    I'm a simple woman who likes to get to know people. I always prefer to engage in an activity that allows that, like having dinner, and then spending time afterwards either walking or hanging out and talking. I love to ta  more>>

  • Embersflame ( 41 / W / Manassas, VA )

    Going out for dinner or drinks

  • Squeak79 ( 36 / W / Semmes, AL )

    I have no clue. I am old fashion I like the guy to plan the date.

  • rmattson07 ( 48 / M / Burton, MI )

    Winter would be nice dinner and a movie. Of course summer would be go for a ride wherever the road takes us, and get a bite to eat somewhere....

  • BFBeaner ( 41 / M / Fort Worth, TX )

    Somewhere classy to get some grub like Waffle House. I kid, I kid. Somehwere where the lights are low, Steak and wine and we can talk.