Dinner My favorite date ideas

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  • dmg3218052662 ( 52M / Orlando, FL )


    WHATELSE. Have a Nice dinner and take a ride up the coast.

  • Just2018 ( 54M / Edenvale, Gauteng )


    Dinner. Drinks. What ever blows your hair back

  • GuessMe ( 40W / Virginia Beach, VA )


    Dinner and a quiet place to just talk and get to know one another.

  • bjmitch56 ( 58W / Denver, CO )


    Perhaps a causal dinner or a few drinks somewhere cozy!

  • Swanny2002 ( 44M / Kaukauna, WI )


    A quiet dinner, to allow us to get to know each other.

  • MooGlide ( 67M / Cumberland, MD )


    A nice quiet dinner would be nice to get acquainted, find out our compatibility. No strings attached. Maybe a time for some honest questions & answers and expectations.

  • WhoDo803 ( 38M / Columbia, SC )


    A long ride ending in the city for dinner and drinks

  • Gator63 ( 66M / Reno, NV )


    Go out for dinner. Movies and a long walk. I'm old fashioned.

  • iamcountrylove ( 63W / Saylorsburg, PA )


    Whatever you would like. Dinner, Dancing, a casual ride on your bike?

  • Jesseleeprebola ( 32M / Kingston, PA )


    Hmmm a nice romantic diner at a 5 star restaurant. Then maybe a movie... Just see right where the night shall take us!!

  • ga_girl46 ( 50W / Georgia )


    my ideal first date is, a nice dinner out some place and then go for coffee or drinks and then a walk on the beach just so we can talk and get to know each other and see what happen's after that.

  • autumn42880 ( 35W / Fort Wayne, IN )


    First date all depends on the person.

  • thbear ( 57M / Mandan, ND )


    WE will deside together??? at least talk about it and find out more about each other

  • dmkreag ( 63M / Tuleta, TX )


    An evening ride some where for dinner and dancing.

  • Dreamsarereality ( 51W / Medina, TN )


    Take a ride to a local park or lake to talk and get to know each other. No crowds. Can't really talk with a lot of people around.