First Date Ideas

First Date Ideas
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  • riderRick2000 ( 61 / M / Pueblo, CO )

    Dinner ,drinks and danceing.Take a motor cycle ride before dinner , Stop at pretty spot,that has a lake or a nice walking trail. Have a one on one talk with her and see if we have some of the same likes and dislikes.

  • jodydehn ( 59 / W / Minneapolis, MN )

    I think a perfect first date would be a ride that leads to no where. Finding a great place with a view to die for. Have a romantic picnic. Walk, talk, and get to know each other... Go back and get into my truck and end t...  read more>>

  • sassyb ( 45 / W / Citrus Heights, CA )

    casual meeting over a beer at a dive (I love dive bars!)

  • jakeowen ( 51 / M / Stem, NC )

    Lunch and a beer and a ride through the country and maybe a moonlight ride by the lake.

  • Drwood ( 59 / M / Monroe, NC )

    Going for coffee or drinks someplace quit enought o get to know each other.Maybe a local bar and grill.

  • Paintedragonfly ( 51 / W / Kalamazoo, MI )

    You only get one "first Date"... so don't blow wind up my skirt, unless we are on two wheels!

  • DynaFLgirl ( 61 / W / Saint Augustine, FL )

    Meeting for a beverage, whether it be coffee or an "adult beverage" and talking or walking around one of St. Augustine's festivals or art walks in order to get an opportunity to chat would be great.

  • dcnchssc ( 55 / M / Charleston, SC )

    Drinks, dinner, somewhere we can chat and get to start to get to knowing each other.

  • doubleds ( 49 / W / Virginia Beach, VA )

    Dinner,at a very nice place,Then maybe a walk along the beach if the weather is nice.

  • geneu812 ( 40 / M / Union Bridge, MD )

    No ideals on first dates, just like to have drinks and break the ice!

  • perfectangel ( 47 / W / Jefferson City, MO )

    Dinner, movie and then go for a bike ride

  • doso64 ( 44 / M / Austin, TX )

    I guess this date would depend on the start location of the participants....if we are in the same city, then dinner and drinks or drinks and dancing or maybe catch an outdoor event. If we are out of towners then I would...  read more>>

  • KIMM72 ( 44 / W / Boyertown, PA )

    Suprise me. I have no preferences for a first date. Just feel that if the company is good then it doesn't matter.

  • jrzlakebkr ( 50 / W / Mount Arlington, NJ )

    Dinner / lunch /drinks someplace where we can talk and get to know each other better and have some fun at the same time bowling, dancing, and shooting pool can be a blast if u r with the right person

  • rn4u2c ( 44 / W / Derry, NH )

    Anyplace where we can talk and really get to know each other. Long drives to nowhere. Love the ocean.....dare to get your feet wet. I will try almost anything once and maybe even a second time. Love adrenaline rushes, ro...  read more>>