Fun Date Ideas

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  • alanajh ( 57 / W / Deland, FL )

    Whatever is comfortable for us both.

  • hightowerDHMC ( 34 / M / Valley Springs, CA )

    Riding and going to have a couple drinks....

  • Lilbits2000 ( 53 / W / Ocala, FL )

    Lunch that has like a outdoor area. Where we can chat and feel comfortable

  • freebitch07 ( 57 / W / Port Orange, FL )

    I would love to see more of Florida so if you have any great ideas I am open since I am new here. I enjoy stopping and sightseeing so really any place on the coast would be great. I'm pretty flexible, lets just enjoy eac...  read more >>

  • Kellieeclipse ( 40 / W / Beaudesert, Queensland )

    A ride through Tamborine or any of the great rides South. A stop for lunch or breakfast depending on the time and a recap on how much fun we had with a drink .....

  • heratige2011 ( 56 / M / Earleville, MD )

    A quiet place to eat and hang out and shoot some pool to talk and get to know you! Then go riding, site seeing, along the coast, checking out the beaches, lite houses, antique shops, shoot some pool, or just a long walk...  read more >>

  • TraceyLynne ( 44 / W / Yellow Springs, OH )

    Meet for coffee/ a drink, get acquainted, hop on the bike and enjoy the pressure.

  • sillygurl71 ( 46 / W / Pekin, IL )

    I am open game. I love to try new things so lets find something that will make us smile and have some fun!

  • trbl69 ( 58 / W / North Bend, OH )

    My first date would include meeting somewhere for first introductions, then taking a long ride together. After the ride we would have dinner to learn more about each other...then ride some more!

  • CindyJane ( 63 / W / Columbus, OH )

    A ride is always a good start. Enjoy the outside, maybe find a deck somewhere, get a beer and find out about each other. If it's not right then we go home, knowing that we still got a great ride out of it!

  • witchywoman2005 ( 50 / W / Ovett, MS )

    Love most all bike activities!

  • BIKER_ROGUE ( 70 / M / Palm Bay, FL )

    Meet at a biker friendly business for conversation, drinks and or food and hopefully both decide it is time to go for a ride on motorcycle or motorcycles together. Spend the rest of the day getting to know more about eac...  read more >>

  • chellee ( 46 / W / El Dorado, KS )

    I think my favorite thing to do on a first date would be to hop on the back of a bike and ride to wherever, find a place to eat, and then ride some more.

  • msproudmari ( 59 / W / Sebastian, FL )

    I would love to take a ride on the bike and go someplace new, grab a bite to eat, a few drinks somewhere

  • cstripling1946 ( 71 / W / Miami, FL )

    We could meet at a casual place to see if we are compatible , if so lets go for a ride, Miami has lots of places that bikers go to: the Keys, down the trail and over to Everglades city or Naples.