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  • pja1065 ( 49M / Oviedo, FL )


    The first date....well, that depends on the person I'm meeting. Can be as simple as meeting for a cup of coffee, maybe a drink somewhere, or if you think your lucky, try your hand at beating me at pool....LOL.

  • Russ1969 ( 45M / Quakertown, PA )


    A cruse wine tasting on the bike ... A home cooked meal by me .. Some good conversation ? And beautiful company ...

  • sallyride80 ( 34W / Belton, MO )


    Well really just depends on the guy and if Im feelin U....U never know!!! Im very spontaneous and love havin fun!! So a nice ride, dinner, and hangin out..Its whateva!

  • lilrock2000 ( 39M / Falmouth, KY )


    Well idk I haven't really been on any real dates but I guess it depends on what she wants to do but I do like going on rides an just finding out were I end up an I like playing pool an sometimes going out to catch a movi  more>>

  • LuvinLife72 ( 42W / Mattoon, IL )


    I'm pretty flexible...I love riding, dinner and a few drinks, enjoying good company.

  • myheart4urs ( 45W / Panama City, FL )


    Whatever we feel like doin. See how it all rolls

  • Feathers2013 ( 50W / Mason, OH )


    NIce long walks, long bike ride to a quiet little town along the river. This helps to get to know each other

  • shakers72 ( 42W / Kokomo, IN )


    Maybe coffee or dinner then take a ride.

  • ddmcse ( 53M / Guilford, CT )


    A long ride on an adventure to somewhere, maybe the beach or something like that. Get a bite to eat walk on the beach and see what happens next.

  • oilfieldtrucker ( 37W / Dennison, OH )


    Just hangout, go riding and get to know each other

  • michelle2323 ( 40W / Easton, PA )


    i believe 2 people can have fun doing anything together as long as they connect.

  • Gardenbitch ( 44W / New York, NY )


    I am new to this online business, to be vague....along the Atlantic Ocean.

  • angelbutta ( 35W / Columbia, SC )


    Id be happy with a backyard bbq, or picnic in the park. I love movies and parties and just hanging out with my family and friends

  • HottMama2013 ( 51W / Hempstead, TX )


    anywhere we can make it happen

  • Lokelani0004 ( 27W / Los Angeles, CA )


    Show, dinner, movies, drinks, beach, hang out at one of our places ... ????